Wednesday, August 18, 2010

just a few of my favorite things.

Now, like every pregnant woman I received a lot of advice, Everyone you talk to seems to give you their favorite baby tip. I loved hearing what everyone had to say, I did however decide what would be best for me and my babies. Here's what I have completely enjoyed so far.

..Aden & Anais blankets..
These are the best swaddlers EVER! So soft and you get a tight little bundle. I got them as a gift but you can get them at Sassy Babies
Babywise was introduced to me by my friend Ashley, She read and applied it to raising her sweet little boy. (who by the way is such a little stud!) I bought it, and read it, and I liked the concept of it which mainly is getting your babies on a schedule and teaches you how to teach your babies to sleep through the night. I started the schedule from the get go. Just because of the twins, when one wakes up, you wake up the other, They seem to be on the same schedule, Makes my life alot easier and we just put them in their cribs this week. We will see how it goes.
You can purchase it at barnes & noble, but I just ordered mine from amazon: used for $3
They give your baby a green one in the hospital, they really are the best for newborns! My kids really like them.. And you can get fun colors like purple, pink and blue at babies r us!
..Dr. Brown Bottles..
These are my favorite bottles by far, I actually really just have one.. cause I tried to save a couple bucks and get the Tippy Tommy ones, which are okay, But my friend Whitney uses these for every feeding! She swears by them, Her little man, hardly was gassy, never colicky and never had acid reflux. Oh, and they are on sale at Babies R us this week so I'm for sure going to go grab a few!
I LOVE my bouncers!! The babies love them to! They actually sleep in them and they are good to have after feedings so you can prop your babies up after feeding and burping them.

..Huggies Sensitive wipes..
These I just heard about the other day and went out to get them, They are awesome! First, they are folded so when you pull them out you get one and not a string! And Second they help heal diaper rashes! I used desitin but it didn't help, Whitney told me about these and we used them just a few times and the rash is already almost gone!
..Huggies Diapers..
The diapers, are fab! Especially for newborns because of the umbilical cord swoop in the diaper, They also have a indicator line down the center that is yellow and turns blue when wet! You can also save money if you order your wipes and diapers from AMAZON!
Its 3 mega packs of 60 for $74.95, which saves you $45.04 and breaks down to be .94 cents a diaper! BIG SAVE!!

So if you want to try them I promise you won't regret it!