Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I really don't love Mondays.. Its the beginning of another LONG week.. My husband goes back to work everyday and the weekend is once again.. very far away. This Monday went by super fast though! I woke up and enjoyed my oatmeal while watching the news and got busy cleaning my house, like every monday, I like to get the chores done around the house, but now that were moving.. I feel like I don't even want to clean/organize since we are about to just pack it all into boxes..but I did it all anyway. I cleaned & folded 4 loads of laundry, swept and mopped, vacuumed, washed dishes/bottles and played & fed babies and even had time to blog a little. I made banana bread (recipe in post below), and then later for dinner I whipped up some spaghetti. My husband LOVES pasta! Me on the other hand would rather just not eat it. But because I love him I made it. And because I was to tired to cook anything spectacular.. Spaghetti is pretty simple. (as long as my husband does the dishes afterward)
*Whole wheat pasta
*LEAN ground turkey
*1 Can of italian style diced tomatoes
*1 bottle of veggie smart ragu

(just watch your portions of pasta but pile on the sauce)
1 hour of some kick butt body combat
3 sets of 15 : 20lb kettle ball swings
21's Biceps 7 full range 7 top half 7 bottom half 3 x with 12 lbs
Abs with medicine ball. up top and roll ups
( I don't count when doing abs, just go till I feel the burn and it hurts. :))
REMEMBER: When lifting wieghts, pick a weight that will be challenging for you. But good enough to make sure you use correct technique. If you make it through your sets easy no sweat.. grab a heavier wieght. got it? good.