Monday, August 30, 2010


I started my Sunday with a little slice of this..

I absolutely love honeydew!, Actually, any melon!! They will be missed when the cold comes..ew.
For Sunday breakfast, I usually break away from my usual oatmeal and do something different to celebrate the end of the week! I chose egg white breakfast burritos this time.
I know this doesn't look to appealing.. but it really is.
4 egg whites with 1 yolk
1/2 a red pepper
some tomato
some mushrooms
a little purple onion
(you can use whatever veggies you love)
I simmer the onion, mushroom and pepper for a few minutes before I add the eggs and tomatoes
and sprinkle with mrs. dash and low fat mozzerella cheese
I use a low carb, whole wheat tortilla, these ones are only 81 cal.
After church I came home and made a protein shake, I sure was feeling my workout yesterday..(BODY PUMP + 1 mile run)
Yes, My protein shake is green.. I'm aware. Its because I put spinach in it!! I know, I know.. your thinking what the crap is she thinking.. I promise its so good! you can't taste it and you get the folic acid and the other health benefits of spinach!
1/2 cup of almond milk
2 cups of ice
1 scoop of vanilla protein
a handful of spinach
1/2 banana
1 tsp of xanthan gum
This is by far my favorite protein, Its the best I've tasted so far, We order it from to save some mula. You can never go wrong with Elite.
This one is has the 12 hour time release formula so it's smart to drink this at night before you go to bed. It will feed and help your muscles recover through the night.
Whey protein is smartest to drink post workout. Brent and I both love the chocolate whey by elite for after our workouts.
For Sunday dinner we of course had a little family gathering, I love getting together with family, Its always so much fun! But especially I tend to over eat at them.. But yesterday I was proud that I controlled my portion sizes and only picked the healthiest options, I passed up some delicious stuff.. potato salad, cheetos, soda, and some birthday cake and ice cream and just went with the grilled teriyaki chicken and some fruit, strawberries, just a couple grapes and of course watermelon (I could of eaten the entire thing.. best watermelon of the summer) .. not much i know, but it saved me probably from 1,500 unwanted calories and alot of fat. I went home after and had some thin triscuts and cottage cheese. Remember.. Its so easy to graze at family parties, so be smart. Especially if you can predict the kind of food your family always prepares. Just select the foods you know are best for you, and enjoy it.. then just keep yourself busy with conversation or taking pictures or playing with the kids there :)
The Workout
I don't really work out on Sunday, It is my rest day.
But I did jump on the tramp with my adorable niece and nephews
and of course enjoyed the Hale family tradition of walking the infamous Bountiful Boulevard.