Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder..

Hey Everybody! Your going to have to excuse my absence for the last uh.. 4 days! We had quite a busy weekend and there was just no time to blog. But I have decided that I will be taking more of these little breaks. I love to blog but there are SO many other things I love to do as well. So I'm going to be blogging less.. but not to less.. just not everyday. So still stalk the blog from time to time :)
{Quick Weekend Recap}

My two little babies were blessed!! So Beautiful and just perfect!!

We had two breakfast casseroles- with potatoes (hashbrown style) and sausage & another one with bacon.
Prepared by Grandma.. 
& of course Muddy Buddies! 
okay.. not so much on the healthy side but I made the best, and filled up on fruit.. with half of a quarter of a choc. muffin.. and I couldn't pass on a handful of muddy buddies!

..my cute little family..

This Weekend we also celebrated this guy..

This is my uncle.. he turned the BIG 5-0 so a SURPRISE party was in order..
& that we did! He had no IDEA! I have never seen his face SO red! It was grand :)

We served Salad with EVERY topping imaginable..
Along with 
Rolls and fruit

 ..for dessert..
Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies 

This were DeLIcIouS!! I had one.. but I could of eaten the WHOLE plate..

Happy Birthday UNCLE!

New favorite Baby NEED!!!

Every mom needs one of these.. in my case two.. but get it..

But the BUMBO is amazing.. My babies are going to be 3 months old this week and they can sit up in it! They are loving it! T especially cause he gets frustrated laying flat all the time.. he loves to sit up and see all the action.

Okay, Quick recap done.. I'll be back later for some actual advice and healthy food love :)

oh good heavens.. if you have a minute.. WATCH THIS.

Seriously.. does anyone else feel like that sometimes..