Thursday, October 21, 2010


Its time to get my packing butt in high gear! We close today on our new house! Can't wait.. I better find my lucky pen ;) so I can sign my life away later..
First I'll tell you about dinner

Indian Thai  Panang Curry

First start making your rice
I went with brown rice.
love it
Then I got going on the tofu

I cut and press the tofu and seasoned it with cumin and paprika

In separate pan
add olive oil, sweet onions, peppers, and let them cook for a little while
then pour in the sauce
I went with 

I put some frozen corn in and brought to a boil then added the tofu

Roasted some Aspargus

While I was waiting for the rice to cook.. I decided to sip on a pumpkin protein shake
really makes making dinner fun..okay, more like dessert first ;)



This morning my original plan was to wake up and hit up a body pump class but ended up pressing snooze one to many times.. probably shouldn't of spent the night with our midnight craft.. 
coming soon;)

Anyway.. I ended up on the dreadmill.. but ended up having a good little sweat.
Then I did a cable ab pull 45 lbs , 15 reps each side
tricep pushups
ab pull
tricep pushups
ab pull
tricep pushups
10 pull ups
30 crutches on bosu ball
10 pull ups
30 crutches
10 pull ups
30 crutches

Back to the casa for breakfast!

It was so good last night I had to have it again.

I know your all loving my mini pumpkin mug;)

I have eggs to use before we move so eggs it was

I used my yolk separator buizness up in heeere 
Don't know why I never did before! 
so easy. 

4 egg whites
chopped green pepper
sweet onions
(left over from last night)

It was a perfect high protein breakfast!

I love making egg white omelets! I love to mix with lots of veggies! but since we are cleaning out the cupboards and I'm a little limited right now.. but I made do ;)

I'm off to get ready to go sign my initials on a whole tree.. 
(because you have to sign so many papers when buying a house) got it?


What is your least favorite part of moving??

What favorite Veggies do you love in your omelet ??