Monday, October 25, 2010

Goal achieved ;)

Today, we are finally going to finish moving, so I don't have any healthy meals to post since they will most likely consist of  luna bars till we get everything moved over and probably a celebration papa murphy pizza is in order..(gourmet veggie + Chicken) for dinner.. we will see..
But I thought I would upload a picture of my progress 
This was actually taken a few weeks ago.. and I kind of didn't feel comfortable posting it but that's part of the reason I created this blog
Well. I met my goal 
I am back to my prebaby body 

This is the day I went into labor  
was taken

Oct 1 
(don't mind my messy closet/bathroom)

Its amazing to me how the woman body works and changes.. 

I took measurements to but I packed away my notebook somewhere..
So once we get unpacked and settled in our new home
I will post them.
But from now on I will post a lot more healthy meals and fitness ideas to help you achieve your goals!
& all the crazy shenanigans of our crazy life ;) 

Have a wonderful and happy healthy day

{Quote of the day}

Time is going to pass, no matter what. You can choose to use time to your advantage and work hard to accomplish the goals you’ve set out for yourself and look back after 6 months and be proud of all that you’ve done. Or, in 6 months, you could be exactly where you are right now. I remind myself of that often when I’m lacking motivation to eat well or work out. Stick with it… it’s well worth it and if it were easy, everyone would do it. You can 

-the fitnessista


  1. THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!

    Seriously...what have you been doing to get the 6 pack abs back so quickly??? I can't believe it! Gives me A LOT of hope though!!!!

    Thanks for finding my blog...loving yours too!! Great to see a mommy that got back into such amazing shape so quickly! Congrats on your baby!!!

  2. Candice you are amazing! Thanks for such a great blog! Good luck getting all settled into your new home!

  3. ...I mean "babies!" Which makes it even more amazing!