Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Hey everyone!! Hope everyone had a haunted halloween!!
I finally figured out why pictures weren't loading.. back to blogging fo sure now ;)

Heres some pics of our halloween fun!

We had our first party at our new house! We had a few friends over and carved pumpkins!

The whole group!

My little pirate and mermaid ;)

and my handsome hook

ARG.. family

Dinner for the night
(1st actual cooked meal in my new house!)

Salmon, steamed peas and yellow squash
with some sweet potato!
I poured agave on the salmon and sprinkled mrs. dash on top and then baked it on 350 for 20 minutes 
Super easy and healthy as can be;)

I then decided to make dessert
I wanted to make the 2 ingredient pumpkin cookies but when I pulled out my cake mix it was carrot not SPICE.. ooops So I just added some cinnamon and nutmeg.

dumb carrot.. but they still turned out delish

*mix all the ingredients*

Spice Cake mix + Pumpkin = foodgasmic deliciousness

and feel free to eat as much as you want cause there is no raw eggs in it! (these are even vegan friendly :)  )

I also roasted up the pumpkin seeds!

cinnamon, with Agave. I was distracted.. mmmm imagine that?! and they were burned.. but just sprinkly cinna all over and mix in a little agave and bake at 350 ten minutes.. mix em up and bake for 10 more. 

Hope everyone had a 

Happy Halloween!!