Friday, October 8, 2010

{hot pro-co}

So this morning.. Little bee woke up a little earlier then usual.. 4 am.. to be exact and while T still was sound asleep, I got up put bee's binks back in and fell back asleep for about a half hour.. then she woke up again.. Time to feed baby bee.  ( I think she is going through a growth spurt ) So by the time she was done.. it was time for my alarm to go off to get up and go to the gym.. I was exhausted.. but I tied up my nikes and grabbed a banana & headed out the door..
Body Combat did not dissapoint..never does.. You know those instructors that are just the best.. they can push you to your limit through the sleepy eyes and sore legs and have a good time! That is how I feel about this instructor. I have had the oppurtunity to teach with her and I have gone to her classes for the past two years.. She is a gem, absolute gem. She is the most positive, uplifting person I know.  I hope to inspire others to do their personal best and acheive their fitness goals as she has done for me..  (Thanks deb!)
Well, After a good sweat & fight.. I decided that it was enough for the day. I went back home, babies were both asleep and the hubs was in bed still too.. so WHAT to do? make a shake, start the day..?
Heck no, I climbed right back in bed.. How often does this happen?? Hardly ever..
The hubs and I slept for an extra hour & a half!!?
We finally got up and decided to make some breakfast.. well, the rainy weather made it a tad bit chilly and I wasn't up for a cold shake.. sooo.. Why not just heat it up? So I did..

..{Hot Pro-Co}..

I filled my Ute mug up with water and tossed it in the microwave for 1:30 then poured the hot water in the blender with 1 scoop of Elite chocolate whey gourmet and some cinnamon..
It was delicious.. and what goes better with hot pro-co then a steaming bowl of oats?

Welcome fall :)

So to all my runner friends out there in blog land.. My friend miss Debb sent me this article.. 
anyone else have this problem? haha!
I know I sure have had the feelin..
when you have to poop.. ya gotta poop.
Yes, I just said poop
check it out.