Saturday, October 2, 2010

loving saturday!!

Hey everyone, thanks for expressing your condolences with our loss. They truly mean a lot to us.
How is every ones Saturday so far?! Mine has been fab! My sister had a sleep over at my house last night. We spent most of the night playing with the babies and watching a little of this..

 I LOVE GLEE.. call me nerd, but the Brittany episode is just hilarious.. I had to watch it again.. and my sister is new to Glee.. So I had to have her watch it! She is hooked now!
She slept over so I could get to my class this morning! How sweet is she? She even cleaned my entire house while I was gone! Can you believe it!!? The twins slept the whole time I was gone. Perfect. Thanks sissy!
 ..Body Pump..
 Simple as that might sound compared to other post, It is definitely challenging to say the least!
Those of you who are wondering what body pump is click here.
If you want to come be part of my class every Saturday, I'd love to have you! 
(I can get a few free passes even if your not a Golds member)
I did a killer Bicep track today, I even skipped the breaks and lets just say.. I'll suffer for that tomorrow ;)

Breakfast: just a "cookie"
and half of a banana!

Post workout!
Some chocolaty goodness
I'm lovin' the Elite Whey Gourmet!!


Anjou Pear

1 slice of eziekiel toast 
fat free feta cheese

I also had some of this pumpkin goodness!

What's in it?

2 spoonfuls of Libbys pumpkin
dash of nutmeg
and of course cinnamon
1 tsp of agave nectar!
I sprinkled the remaining crumbs of my bear naked granola on top
It was superb!

A little Q & A

How do you have time to do all you do?
I plan.. I have a routine that I try to follow everyday, Yes, it gets thrown off some days.. but without it.. I'd be a crazy person.
The twins take a nap from 11 till about 2 so thats when I blog, clean, organize  etc. whatever has to be done. I schedule my gym time , depending when the Mr. is home, usually in the morning. I try not to use excuses to skip a workout.. Its my one hour of "me" time & I think that "me" time is important for any mom.
My workout, my schedule, my "to-do" list.. is what makes me sane:) 

Do I love having twins? Is it hard?
I LOVE my babies more than anything, they come first on any list and my schedule is planned on their routine! The thing is, I don't know any different. Yes, they keep me busy, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Its not "hard" by any means, I enjoy every moment with them. To us, they are perfect.
I loved being pregnant with twins ( I was lucky though, I had a great pregnancy) I actually would love to have twins again...4 babies 2 pregnancies? done & done :)

Have a wonderful Saturday!!

Were peacing out for a little mini vaca.. details to follow:)