Wednesday, October 6, 2010

..Magical Beans..

Happy Wednesday!! 
Hope everyone is making through the week so far! Its been a crazy day.. I still have to shower from my workout this morning!! ew.. I know. But welcome to the body of a mother..

My work out today was Body attack again.. Love it..Major Cardio sweat sesh.. 
and I added a few back exercises
Cable row 70 lbs X 15
Lat Pull Down 70lbs X 15
Bent over Row 50 lbs X 15
repeat 3 X

Post Workout:
 Elite Whey Gourmet
1 scoop on the rocks.
(its that good)

After running errands I created gourmet...

Fancy lunch huh? Quick and easy

Vanilla Greek Yogo
w/ fat free cottage
topped with Bear Naked fruit and nut granola
with a side of honeycrisp deliciousness apple
Best in Season now!

Check out what the Mr. Discovered today 
 Crazy BEAN>>it was GINORMOUS

have you ever seen such a large bean..

So what would you expect to see inside this bean

no joke.. these are for real.. hot pink and black "magical beans" I have never seen anything like them..
anyone want to taste test??

..Dinner of Champs..

Rosemary & Garlic Salmon
Pre-cooked Sweet Potato
Green Beans

I seasoned the fish you can do as much or as little as you want
placed it in the oven on 350 for 20-30 min.. depending on your oven
And I popped the sweet potatoes in the last 10 min to heat up :)
and of course just used the handy microwave to heat up my frozen green beanaroos.

& dinner was served
Quick, easy & healthy

..I have a new Favorite Baby Toy..

I just picked up this fancy schmancy mobile.. it has lights of stars and moons at night and plays 4 different songs and rotates.. T & B couldn't take their eyes off of it!! They loved it! I put them to bed last night and came back 20 minutes later and both of them were soooo wide eyed staring at it!