Friday, October 22, 2010

Moving day...

Ya.. I WISH.. We did close yesterday.. we did sign our life away..we did have a blowout during the whole process.. we did have the final walk through of our soon to be house, yes we faced facts that repair addendum's are useless.. (if you need it fixed, just do it right yourself). Yes we were up till all hours of the night packing..
Now.. WHY? are we not loading up? Well, the previous owners have not left yet.. So I get to spend the day trying to remember where I packed my toothbrush.. cause it looks like we will have to move tomorrow..

Alright.. So the positive in all this craziness..

1. I will get more help tomorrow..cause more of the familia is available
2. Brent and I will get to spend the first night in our new house together.. Due to the fact tonight he has had planned to do this for months..

3. We will have most of the DAY tomorrow to move everything

So tomorrow will come and the work will then begin, until that time.. I will be feasting on luna bars and apples..  and oatmeal out of plastic cup and eating it with plastic knife.. and yes, I'm being serious.. EVERYTHING is packed!! So I kind of feel like I'm camping..

Sorry, there really is not going to be a delicious recipe today... but I will share with you whose been entertaining the twinners while mom and dad pack away..

Meet bob and larry.. the babies love watching these two little healthy veggies chat about good morals and happy deeds ;) one cartoon I don't mind watching with them. ;)
If you haven't seen veggie tales I highly recommend them to everyone ;)
You can get some of the movies by clicking HERE

Have a good weekend everyone!