Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Good morning everyone!! To start off today.. I should probably inform you of the events from last night following the Hell Fire Challenge... click here if you didn't catch that post..

Well..About 3 hours post victory.. my crazy brave brother in-law.. ended up here..

Yes.. that's the E.R at LDS hospital in Salt Lake City.

After spending about 2 hours straight of throwing up blood...and he was in extreme pain.
 It was the only option..
poor guy.. They had to take some x-rays of his chest and they think that he tore something at the base of his esophagus while he was throwing up.. Gave him a morphine shot and sent him home with some pain meds.. No bueno

So future reference.. Don't do that challenge or you might end up here..

This morning I didn't get my work out in because of the late night.. sleep was more important so workout will just have to wait until tonight ;)

I woke up and enjoyed another bowl of my 

and I was still hungry so I went with 

Kroger Greek with frozen blueberries and do you like my one and only Halloween decoration...see him grinning at ya?  Because of moving I haven't pulled out all my Halloween decor.. which is sad.. cause I LOVE to decorate.. but now I will have a whole house to deck out!! t-minus 3 DAYS!

Well we are still in our jammies... 
Time to go get ready for the day! 

I found this quote from janetha  & i ♥ it!!

Have a good day!! 

Coming up: A new rockin Playlist for your Ipod to get you through your workout ;)