Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hey, everyone how was your Tuesday? Mine was good, I got a TON of laundry done and had some quality time with T & B..


Oatmeal lovin' 
surprise surprise..

1/3 C old fashioned oats
1/2 scoop elite nilla whey
dollop of AB
                                                  4 almonds for calories.. I mean kicks 



 I killed it ;)
If you have never had emerald smoothie I suggest you give it a whirl, it's like a Jamba but they just blend protein shakes!! They can do anything you want! Its fab. I chose vanilla lean body protein with blueberries :)

Onto dinner..

Its a squash.. its spaghetti.. its a spaghetti squash

Ingredient List

1 spaghetti squash 
spaghetti sauce
baby tomatoes
grilled chicken
yellow squash
1 can of diced tomatoes

Step 1 

Preheat oven to 350

Step 2 
Cut spaghetti squash in half!

This is actually hard.. you may need your man to help out.. 

Step 3

Gut it
Its kind reminded me of a pumpkin.. 

Step 4

Place upside down on cookie sheet
& bake for 40 minutes

Step 5

Steam your veggies 

Step 6

When aquash is done use a fork ans scrape out the inside and it will resemble something like spaghetti noodles

Step 7

 Prepare your sauce

Step 8

Mix sauce, some veggies in, & chicken (leave chicken out for vegan style) 

Add some avocado, baby tomatoes on top


It was delish! A total veggie dinner! I loved it!
This is just perfect for me, because I dislike noodles but I do still cook with them from time to time for the Mr. Because he loves pasta!.. This sort of is like pasta.. with less than half the calories & carbs!

..Just lovely..

Have a good night!! Let me know if you try it :)

Q. What is your favorite Winter Squash?
Mine is butternut squash! I can't wait to make some soup! 

Q. Whats your all time FAVORITE protein shake? Like you could have it EVERYDAY favorite?
Vanilla 12 hour elite whey, raspberries 1/2 banana, &a dollop of almond butter mixed with 1/2 almond milk 1/2 water. & of course Ice.. sometimes spinach..
yep.. perfection.

How about you guys?