Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Body Attack was amazing tonight! Thanks to all those who came!! It was good sweat sesh, no doubt :) & with all the hustle and bustle.. I forgot MY CAMERA.. and my phone.. isn't that awesome... NOT :( So I'm little mad at myself.. But my calorie counter reached 842! In one hour.. WOW!
But check out this site my prego friends.. Lisa Osborne is the choreographer of this crazy workout, She is an absolute gem, she is a fitness idol, & she is  PREGNANT! CONGRATSts to her! But even pregnant, you can do this workout. There are different options available to make it possible for everyone!! Thanks for the site Glen ;)
Quick Recap -----> Mini Vaca

Yes, We headed back up to the cabin, We can't get enough of it, and with the fall weather, the trees are all changing and its absolutely beautiful, the weather was perfect, we hung out outside for hours on Sunday, just enjoying the perfection around us.

We enjoyed this layout of goodness

another little Mexican feast, prepared by the MIL. (mother in-law) 

Steak & Chicken Fajitas w/ all the fix ins

7 layer Dip

..It was fabulous..

Made Dad tired.. T is just wondering what is next..

not breakfast..but this is what it was..

my breakfast.. just a little oatmeal.. mid mixin..

1/3 cup old fashioned oats (heated up in microwave for 1 min w/ water)
Then Add
Chocolate protein whey gourmet
1/2 banner
some cinna

Looks interesting.. It was taken via I-phone.. 
But I assure you.. Its as delicious as Chocolate pie
(With a healthy twist)
I call it
Choconer Oats.

Just for a laugh.. My sister came upon this..

Dumb pic won't turn
But turn head and laugh.. Yep, thought so..
I laughed for about 15 min..

& no.. that is most definitely not the body of a mother..

Something to make you happy

Yes, my babies are starting to smile.. and its totally precious, I love it. 
I know his hats a little big but he loved playing monkey head anyway :)

Until Tomorrow...
Still looking forward to..

*Total body circuit for the busy mom at home
* A fun new recipe, I'm trying tomorrow..wish me luck