Wednesday, October 13, 2010

who says you can't workout at home?

Breakfast.. a little different.. OAT mixer..
{Chocolate Raspberry delight}
1/2 C. of Oats 
1/2 Scoop of Chocolate Protein
a few  frozen raspberries
with a chocolate bomber on the rocks
{chocolate bomber}
1 scoop of whey gourmet
1 cup of unsweetened almond milk 
1 tbs of cocoa 


1 slice of Ezekiel bread
smear of light mayo
chicken breast 
topped with a beefsteak  tomato 

and a handful
of almonds and of course some of these

Prepared by the Mr. Tonight!
(We are running out of groceries so we had to use up everything we had left in the fridge!)
yellow & red peppers
sweet onion
feta cheese

mixer up.. 
ya got an omelet..sprinkled with Mrs. DASH
Breakfast for dinner! My FAVORITE!!

As promised..

FINALLY.. a at
  home sweat sesh ♥

10 Burpees
10 tricep pushups
20 Jumping Jacks
15 chair dips
30 cinderellas: In a push up position place a dish towel under each of your toes and your going to take your knee to chest. fast! alternating legs. Right then left.- that is one. continue to 30
2 minute chair sit- Place your back against a wall and shimmy down the wall until you look like your sitting in a chair, legs at 90 degrees and belly sucked into your spine. Place hands against wall.
10 chest pushups
20 squats Get low, get low. & almost touch your booty to the floor! &
10 tuck jumps
plank hold 2 minutes

me with no makeup.. but you gotta love the glisten

Do this 4 times! if your feeling good.. just keep going. This will get your heart rate up and will burn major calories! I love this workout cause its quick & you don't need any equipment!
You will most def. break a sweat..

{My Top Ten TIPS to lose the weight}

10. Just be active. Take one hour a day and make it just for you. It doesn't even have to be a whole hour. But  make sure you get time to get your sweat on.

9. LIFT HEAVY.. whoever said lifting heavy will make you big is a liar pants.. In no way will it make you big It will make you burn fat and tone your sexy arms. I get girls that think those 5lb dumbells are going to "tone" if they do a thousand reps.. pshh. that won't do snap crack. Lift like a man. and be a sexy mama ;)

8.PROTEIN: Protein is essential to your diet. Your body needs protein to build muscle and tone your body, and the antibodies that build up help you fight and resist diseases.  Anyway you can get it. Supplement (Protein shakes) Chicken Breast, Tuna, Salmon, greek yogurt, cheese or egg whites are always my protein of choice.

7. SLEEP.. sleep is SO important. I know for new moms this one is a bit rough.. but make sure you get your naps in.. When we are SOOO tired and we can't sleep.. what do you reach for? carbs..& fast carbs your mind is tricking you into thinking your hungry and need more food to fuel your day when really all you need is a nap. But if you get enough sleep you will maintain a healthy lifestyle.

6.EAT fresh fruit and Veggies, & eat often. Eating 5-6 meals a day keeps your blood sugar low and you will find that you will actually eat less throughout the day if you eat smaller meals more frequently.

5.CONSUME FAT.. no, not a big fat big mac.. eat HEALTHY fats at every meal! for example: Olive oil, avocado, almonds, PB. Keep in mind your portion size.. healthy fats tend to be calorie punchers.. But you need the fat to fuel and actually burn fat!

4.SODA: Nix the soda.. There is SOOO much sugar in soda.. just don't drink it.. All those unwanted calories are not needed and of course have ZERO value to you (besides maybe your insanity). Even diet drinks. But.. I'll save that for a different day.

3.AVOID alcohol. A night out on the town.. why not just a few drinks??.. well, those fancy cocktail drinks can hold ALOT of calories!

2.AVOID refined sugar- white bread, white rice,(yes, it all breaks down into sugar) candy bars, suckers etc. You don't need them and they don't have any nutritional value for you. Stick with Natural Sugar from fruit and eat whole grains, WHOLE wheat bread & brown rice. The more fiber it has the fuller you will be:)

1. DRINK WATER!! & lots of it. I try to drink a GALLON of water a day! Its not as hard as you think. Everywhere you go just make sure you tote around your water bottle. I actually keep a pack of water bottles in my car so I always have water where ever I go. Also, nursing mothers you need as much water as you can get to help with your milk supply.


Yes, I have lost SO many binkies already and there is nothing more frustrating then having a baby crying and not being able to find the plug.. so this way I'll be able to find it quick if its stuck to them right....
 here is hoping so!

Have a great night!! 
Let me know if you try the workout! 


  1. hey where did you find those binki holders? I have seen other people with them and have wondered!! I def need one!!!

  2. Seriously I love you already! I'm so excited for you to teach at the gym. Now that I've met you, your blog completely resonates your bubbly personality. You are such an inspiration!