Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today I learned something. Actually, if I think about it, I learn something new everyday. But during my workout today at GPP. My trainer Neil Anderson, Taught me that its the bodies nervous system that needs to learn the movement, not the mind. First, the body learns the movement, then the mind will catch on and it will just happen. (It really was a little more extensive then that.. but I think thats the gist)


[source]                                    I, for example, have the tendency to over think movements.. (such as kips) 

But, after so much practice, torn caluses and sweat and blood. I finally just gave up trying to think it. And had to let my body do it. Well, guess what? My mind finally caught on!
Today, the work out was single hand snatches, now I really do love this movement. Although, I did them wrong the first time.. then the second time. ( I would press it up, instead of jump) Neil showed me the movement and once again. I would over think it.. my jump was off & my shoulder did all the work. I had to stop and take a breath. Reminded myself that my nervous system is bedonked because my mind was trying to control the movement, not my body. I simply put it in the back of my head, grabbed my dumbbell and chucked it up. I did it!
Do you remember the first fitness class you ever went to? Whether it being a STEP, KICKBOXING, ZUMBA and you just felt like you could not just catch on? But after awhile, of going and practicing each movement you can do it with your eyes closed?  I had that feeling today. I finally got the movement of kips and these single hand snatch business. **As with everything there is still room for improvement but the point of the matter is, Is that if you put your body and soul into something besides thinking so hard with your mind, it will come easier.

  • If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’re going to keep looking how you’ve been looking.
So what I am actually trying to get to here, is simply is to stop thinking about it and just do it. The easiest way I can explain is to just let go and have fun. I love learning new things/movements. Especially, when it is challenging. It makes the excitement of finally getting it that much better! 

Have you ever had a "ta-da" moment like this?