Sunday, July 24, 2011

1 year postpartum body baby.

I started this blog almost a year ago, to motivate myself to get myself back into my pre-baby shape. I have to say that one year post twinners, I am in the best shape of my life. I feel good about where I am today. It wasn't easy. I wish I could tell you its genetics, or a magic pill, but it took dedication, commitment and just plain hard work. I did a recap at 6 months, where I got a few of these pics and my reasons for them.  Some days, especially at the beginning I got really frustrated with myself. Helllloooo, I had just had twins! Extra skin, water weight, all the baby weight. I was ready to just accept that, THAT was a body of a mother. There was no way I could wake up early to workout or find time during the day, my life was consumed with feeding, changing, schedules and playtime. I could of just gone along with the fact that I could just wait till the babies were older to start teaching and working out again, eating healthy, I mean, I'm going to have more babies eventually right? Why should I even try to get back in shape?! I'll tell you why, because I wanted the energy, strength and confidence to raise my babies and play with them my entire life. I want to prove that you CAN be a mom, and look good doing it. 
I got it in my head, that I wasn't going to back down. I could do it. I could achieve my fitness goals. 

July 14, 2010 

6 weeks post partum

3 months post partum

5 months post partum-- (one month after starting GPP)

6 months post partum

8 months post partum
11 months ish.. 

Okay, this was last week in hawaii.. but figured its a little better then a self photo after making a food baby from pancakes..
My husband looks pretty amazing 1 year post partum too right? ;)

NO matter what your fitness goal is, whether or not you have had a baby or 5, or if you just are beginning a weight loss/strength training program, Maybe you just need a little extra push to get where you want to be. YOU can achieve your goal, as I did mine. Just be happy in your own skin.
Most of these pictures focus on my core, due to the whole babies thing..  but I feel like my entire body has transformed, my arms, legs, and yes, my butt ( I swear it got as big as my belly.. stretch marks to prove it!).  There is no "secret" to this. Its a combination of clean eating with a workout 5-6 days a week.
I really hate to even post these pictures of me because I don't want anyone to feel as if they should compare themselves to me. I do it to actually prove that starting a family or losing weight--achieving YOUR fitness goal can be a reality! Yes, its challenging at times to muster up the energy to bust out a workout or pick healthy and nutritious foods to eat, but if it were easy, the majority of the U.S wouldn't be overweight right?

I'll continue to post my tips, what works for me and healthy recipes to help and motivate anyone out there that  is looking for the help and or motivation. Because YOU deserve it! Love you all! Thank you for your support towards me and with the blog through this past year!

Yummy recipe coming tonight! ALONG with a GIVEAWAY!! You'll want to pop back in cause its for breakfast tomorrow ;)



  1. oh my role model! You ROCK. I am going to remember this post and use it as extra motivation for me! I'll be taking this challenge head on VERY soon! You are amazing!

  2. Candice! You look and are one amazing mother!

  3. Hi! I found your blog through a friend's. Just saw this and I don't want to discourage your wonderful work out routine because that's IMPORTANT...but I wanted to give a shout out to your pre work out body. I don't know you and I DO think you are a beautiful woman just from looking at these pictures, but I want to vote for post partum body. You look like a woman in that picture!!! I think there is a difference between working out and making your body look like a man/body builder, and working out to be fit. I would just encourage you to not get carried away...and I don't KNOW you so for all I know you aren't..... I just want to say....I highly admire your dedication to something that is important to you....but I think by and far the best picture of you up here is the one RIGHT after you had the baby. But I'm just one woman and what really matters is how YOU feel. Go mama!

  4. Holy smokes. I don't even know what to say except that I'm terribly impressed and motivated by you. I'm a young-ish mom of four and work our 5 days a week regularly. Still, the body of my dreams has alluded me. I have a really hard time leaning out. I would love to shave ten pounds off my frame and have the definition you have.
    Congratulations on reaching your goals; I'm now going to surf your archives for all the tips I can get on what you do!