Sunday, July 17, 2011


We are back on the main land! We had such a wonderful trip! As much fun and relaxing as we had in Hawaii, there is just something that I LOVE about just being home. I enjoy routine, schedules, comfortable surroundings and of course MY BABIES!! I missed them SO much!
To remember each day I will post a Hawaii re-cap post, along with the daily shenanigans, recipes, etc. Lets get started.

Kauai. Day 1.

First thing I learned.. I have been spelling "Kauai" wrong.. It's not K.a. u. i. FYI. Now that we are all on the same page.... Here is Brent and I at LAX after our first flight, We had a 2 hour delay till we boarded for Kauai to meet the family.
I was starving so we grabbed a quick snack to share.

A $13.00 Pina Colada smoothie and a bran muffin --- Airport food is scam. The smoothie was delicious though and got us in a island mood and the bran muffin was soft and filling. 

This was our view for about 6 hours. PS. pack snacks!!! Delta only offers 3 options.. cookies. peanuts. or pretzels.. none of which float my boat. Good thing I had a apple to munch on and blueberry Larabar.

Once we arrived we picked up our rental car, someone else was trying to hitch a ride with the transport bus. Roosters are ALL over in Kauai. I promise, you will notice them around 5 am. 

We stayed in a house with the fam! The house was perfect, all the rooms were inside but the "family room" was more like a backyard patio connecting all the bedrooms! 

We had an amazing view of the ocean! Something about waking up looking over to see blue water just makes my heart happy.

Self-timer.. self taught.. no lessons. 

We love to explore the island by going our own way, The first morning Brent and I wanted to get to the beach  first thing! So we just started going down random unmarked roads to find a beach. We came to a trailhead and thought why not.. The water was breathtaking and the hike was downhill through lots of trees, it took us right down to the beach!
So you see that wave.. you see my shoes and camera... Take a big guess what happened.  My camera and shoes got washed into the ocean. (This is actually an iphone pic.) Luckily, my camera was in the case so it got a little water in it. We let it dry out and it worked!!! Phew!

We found a little love coral. 

Later that day we went sight seeing with the family! 

Missing a few peeps, but here is the gist. 
Waimea Canyon is beautiful! 

Next up was the Puu Hinahina look out.
Last but not least...
The Kalalau Lookout! Look Familiar? This is where Jurassic Park was filmed! 

It was a great day of sightseeing, beach days, kayaking, hiking and waterfalls to come! 


  1. SO glad you had a good time! Airport food is so ridiculous expensive! I always pack lots of snacks and usually full meals for the man. Gorgeous views. Excited to see more

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