Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fact or Fiction?

 Today, has been BUSY.. I love busy days but always appreciate a breath or two in the middle somewhere..
Today, I had the oppurtunity to do a segment on a local news station!! It was so FUN!

 I was really nervous and anxious because I have never been on TV before but it turned out to be laid back and just plain fun! FOX 13 news is one of favorite to watch first thing in the morning so meeting the anchors was a big deal.. haha!
The segment they have started to do is: Fitness FACT & FICTION. I will post the link as soon as it pops up :) But for now the pics that Brent took of our TV will have to do..

The topic today was: Are Granola bars are a healthy snack option?

Fact? Fiction? What do you think?


--Most people think that a granola bar is a healthy snack when on the go, when in reality most contain as much sugar as a candy bar. Even diet or protein bars can be deceiving. So when you reach for any bar I want you to first take a glance at the ingredient list. 
Can you recognize or even pronounce some of the ingredients
Does it have added sugar? , artificial sugar? Corn syrup, or sugar alcohol. 
You want to avoid all of that, especially HFCS. All of which spike your blood sugar causing you to be hungry and probably end up eating more! 
Its hard to find a bar that doesn’t contain any of that so I’m going to share my easy granola bar recipe with you tomorrow! These bars will not only satisfy you but will even save you some money!  

After the news, I came home to my two busy babes and we headed to the GPP to squeeze in a a quick workout before tackling the to do list. It of course kicked my butt. One word.. Burpees.. they totally own me.  

Guess who got a haircut! 

 I think it instantly transformed him from baby to toddler. 
Handsome little man huh?!

I also had a OB appointment today...{ Sorry male readers}  It was actually my first time back since delivering the twinners.  No I'm not pregnant...

How come that annual appointment never gets easier... ?

But I do love my Dr. and his nurse, so I look forward to chatting with them. I just am not a fan of the whole "purpose of going" thing. Ha! 

For dinner I met up with a few of my cousins at one of our favorite restaurants! ARELLAS!  They have yummy pizza's and salads! I took the twinners because I wanted them to meet a few of their new little cousins.. {my cousins babies} My family is all real close so its all relative. ;)
I always have fun these girls but the pictures were few, I had my hands full for sure with the two little ones. But I was able to snap a pic of my salad! 

I went with the pear and pecan salad with chicken! I was really impressed with it, the chicken tasted fresh 

and the greens were nice and crisp, the pecans added a perfect sweetness along with the red pear! The dressing was their homemade poppy seed. It was delicious!

I did have a training run scheduled for today.. just like Monday... and now its 10:30pm so I think I'm going to have to skip today to. It happens. 
Tomorrow, I will get that training run in. 
I also have to run a few errands to get things together for the Twinners Birthday party this weekend!! 

Q. Would you rather go to the OB or the dentist?

Q. Whats your favorite Granola bar?


  1. ah! So glad to hear the tv segment went well. You look fabulous on camera! Granola bars are definitely tricky. Easy to assume they're healthy! The haircut looks awesome! LOVE the spikes ;). Oh the OBGYN....I feel like I live there right now (in fact, I have my weekly checkup today). I'm ready to have this baby already hahah. I'd rather go to the OB than the dentist though.

  2. It's funny you mention this because after my OB appointment this week I was thinking it's not as bad as I remember. I totally love my OB he is so kind and sincerely cares about his patients and his staff always asks about my babies. He is located in Bountiful if you're ever looking for one closer to home. ;) I highly recommend Dr. Ward.

  3. dentist for sure. I am well aware of the deception of granola bars - so I usually stay away from them. But one of my favorites is just the plain old Nature Valley Oats n'Honey

  4. Thanks for the info on granola. I just finished reading "Food Rules" by Michael Pollan yesterday and it was SO inspiring. I can't wait to go thru my cupboards and decide what foods we need to stop buying because of those sneaky unhealthy ingredients. I'm definitely going to be paying more attention to what I'm buying from now on. Have you read this book or any of his other ones? I think I'm going to go buy them all based on this one! As always, thanks for the great post. Can't wait to see the video link!

  5. That's awesome you got to be on the news! Can't wait to see your granola bar recipe! OB or dentist depends on the reason for the OB apt. If it's the check-up then dentist wins by a long shot. I actually like going to the dentist. My husband thinks I'm weird for that. If it's an OB apt. for pregnancy, then OB! I loved my OB apts. when I was pregnant!