Monday, July 18, 2011

{Hawaii day 2}

Day two in Kauai was just as amazing as the first. We naturally woke up with the sun due to the time change and maybe the roosters... Kauai is the only island that has roosters roaming around, nobody owns them they just strut around like they run the place. Brent and I didn't mind because we are so used to waking up early anyway so we headed down to the same beach we found the day before for a morning walk to watch the sunrise

We had fun searching for cool pieces of coral that had washed up on the beach.

And avoiding the crazy sand crabs that bury themselves in the sand.
I spy a creepy little crab!

After the hike back to the house we made it just in time for breakfast!
Egg whites and Guava. 
I am a fan of all fruits.. I have found only one fruit I don't like.. those pear-apples.. and now guava.. It has a gooey texture that I'm not a fan of and just not flavorful at all! Did I just pick a bad one?

Some family went on a fishing charter, so Brent and I stayed home with the kids and hung out at the pool while they went and did all the work..
Sami my brother in law reeled in a 10 ft MARLIN!! The captain said he has only caught 12 marlins in all the thousands of charters he has been on! So we felt pretty lucky, They also caught 13 tuna! 
Sorry for the gruesome picture.. they had to cut off the head of the fish to fit in the cooler... 
Naturally, guess what we had for dinner..
Yellowfin Tuna! (They have to process the Marlin meat, which they explained is more like steak then a flaky fish?)  
We headed to poi poi beach to snorkel. I decided to just chill beachside. 

Didn't last very long.. The sand was hot and we just were sunned out for the day so we packed up quick and went out for dessert.

I had a few friends & tweets recommend the wishing well! AKA.. a old white van. I wasn't to impressed by it though. The guy making the cones was high as a kite.. & pretty sure it wasn't from a "sugar high" from one to many snowcones.. and we found a hair or uh... two.
See.. I was happy with my little bowl of sugar.. Just to be disappointed.. it went in the trash about 1 minute after this picture was snapped...To bad so sad. 

Although, it made a great story... and I guess there is another "wishing well" on the island.. So maybe we just picked the wrong one.. (obviously.) We spent the rest of the night hanging out with fam and chatting away. 
The next day we went on a catamaran! Can't wait to share, until tomorrow..

Good Night!

Q. Do you love or hate Guava?

Q. Has anyone ever tried Marlin? 


  1. I think Guava can taste really good if you get it at the right time; however, it's the fruit with the highest rate of containing maggot-type bugs inside. Ewww. After learning that, I don't eat them anymore.
    And no, I have not tried Marlin.
    FYI, we have roosters and chickens, too here on Oahu. : )
    Much love!

  2. My sister-in-law got married in Kauai. It's so beautiful and peaceful! There were roosters all over the place. I once asked my friend, who's a local, why the roosters were crowing at 11 AM. He just shrugged and said "They're on island time."
    I don't eat a lot of guava, but I like it. And I've never tried marlin.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!!!!!

  3. Ew - I didn't know that about the maggots....normally guava can be very tasty! But I think it has to be like justttt right. Such a beautiful spot :) Love how y'all wrote in the sand. And EW to the hair in your dessert!