Thursday, July 7, 2011

meet mom & dad #2

After tackling my mile long to-do list.. which is still about that long... sigh* Do any of you start something but kind of half finish it? Yep, thats me... I feel like a have a pile here, a pile there... etc. For example, here is few things that I got done or almost done on my list!

  • Laundry- Washed.. took upstairs. I have yet to fold and put away..
  • Clean Bathrooms- Mirrors check, counters, check. Toilets......
  • Vacuum 
  • Mop/sweep kitchen- did it. Then T&B spilled syrup that I had hiding in the pantry from our Christmas party.. Now my floor is sticky and so were they.. Put I got to cross off dishes.. 

  • Teach Pump
  • Dishes- see...
  • Find Maxi dress- FAIL, 3 stores and nada... 
  • Pack- ha. 
  • Create posts for next week Pictures taken. Now to type. +1 more recipe to create! 
  • Find Subs- 2 no's and about 10 no response. #expected. 
  • Pick up Invites and address for twinners birthday- Never made it.. must get in mail before we leave! 

AND this is only the first half..  I have to work in the morning, so as soon as I leave I best be getting to it.
with a little help of course...
After Pump tonight! Which was a great class! (Hi Cindy!!) It flew by quickly.. it was a smaller class today full of a few regulars so we were able to chat about non-pump things in between tracks.. such as the casey anthony case (crazy sauce), the fact my hair was somewhat manageable looking,  oh and of course form and technique... ;)
After class I hurried home because Mom & Dad #2 were coming over to eat some grub & learn the twinners nightly routine!

Meet the most gracious, helpful, amazing couple EVER! Matt and Jaclyn have been friends of ours since High School! Jac and I danced together in High school!  At our birthday party last week she totally jumped at the chance to tend the babes (in fact she offered!) & I honestly feel 100% comfortable leaving T & B with them! They both love them and aren't hesitate at all! Which is amazing since B has become a bit more clingy to mommy lately. I prepared a feast, okay, not really just the usual dinner around these parts. 
Salad- Made by Jaclyn! 
Strawberry/Blueberry combo
Grilled Chicken and Salmon
Sweet Potato fries (HOW-TO Post Coming Soon!)
Veggies via steamable packet.

I originally planned on making some brownies to but didn't get to it. Maybe tomorrow? (just add it to the list!)
I'm off to write up a few blog post to share while I'm gone AND also I have some AMAZING guest post for you all to keep you entertained and hopefully I'll be able to pop in a few times while we are in Kaui! (rumor has it there may be free wi-fi!)

Q. Is anyone else a halfer to doer? (if that makes sense?) 

Q. New Maxi dress?, Hat?, New Sunglasses?, or swimmer? Which do you prefer before a fun trip?


  1. New dress! For sure! I'm a little crazy about my to do lists. I'm sure that will change post peanut. Glad pump went well :) Hooray for your trip ALMOST being here!!

  2. Hi, I love your blog, stumbled on it from a few others that I read. I live in NSL and just saw a ton of cute maxi dresses at the TJ MAXX!!! :)