Wednesday, July 27, 2011


hey guys!! I'm back!! After a little hiatus... I have been having computer issues :/  We have 2 laptops. His/Hers. "Hers",  bit the dust a while ago.. so I've been using "his" for the past months to blog. Then, it bit the dust. So we ordered a new power cable and "hers" works again! Bad news.. All my pictures are on "his". Hawaii pictures included.. we ordered a new cable for that one hoping that is what the problem is.. Why can't everything just work all the time?! Sigh.. so we are negotiating getting a desktop computer or a new lap top. Thoughts? Desktops last longer & hold a lot more.. but I just love the convenience of a laptop for travel posts etc.
Alright enough of that jazz..

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The last few days have been full of fun! Monday we hit the lake!
It was so nice to be up on the board and hang out in the sun! I have been missing it since our Hawaii trip!

That night we headed out to watch fireworks in celebration of PIONEER DAY here in UT. We had a little BBQ with the fam and hung out with Great Grandpa!

g-pa with some of the grandkids!

Today I woke up early to teach pump!
Pre-workout I had a half of banana with some almond butter, I'm the type of person that has to have a little bit of fuel to get going but not to much or I can get cramps while I tough out a workout.

Banana Sandwich!

 I love the early morning workouts--Just get up & get it done! Brent usually takes the morning gym shift at 6 am and since we have been home from Hawaii.. my 5 AM training time hasn't happened.. So this morning when I was back on schedule to teach I was actually excited to get there and get movin!
After pump, I headed over to GPP and did this workout! I added a hop at the top of the inchworm. Love it!

I have a pretty good feeling my hamstrings are going to be sore..

Post-Workout Shake/Breakfast
Chocolatey- Green smoothie
IN the mix:
1/2 banana
1.5 C. Almond Breeze unsweetened 
1 tbs of cocoa
1 scoop of Elite Dymatize protein
6-7 Ice Cubes
2 handfuls of spinach

Topped it off with a straw and slurped it down! 

Now I'm snackin' on some almonds I roasted yesterday! They are ADDICTING! So good! 

For lunch?
I'm grillin' up some protein for the week! I like to grill more and then I have some good protein for quick future meals! 
Some salmon given to me from a friend (fresh from Alaska!) and Mahi Mahi with a little lemon squeezed on top!

Don't forget the chicken! 

I'm thinking I'll mix up a salad with some of that salmon! 

That's if I can get this little man away from the pool.. (notice he sits on the outside and splashes and not in the pool.. silly boy!)

Workout done, the babies and I were ready for the day before 8:45 AM! I love days like this! I already got so much done and have the whole day! I even have a hot date tonight :)

I got some things to do on my To-Do list! Lets see how productive today can be!

Q. Desktop or Laptop? PC or Mac? Decisions.. decisions?

Q. Would you rather wake up early and get the workout done or wait till night?
I love my early mornings but due to compromise I don't mind waiting till early afternoonish. 


  1. bahhh! Computers are such a pain in the behind! Hope you guys get things figured out! I much prefer a laptop and definitely a PC. Whoop to early AM workouts! I taught Pump this morning toooo. Sounds like Monday was a great day!

  2. Mac, no questions asked. I know you love your iPhone, so just think of the iPhone in computer form. Their computers are great (might take some getting used to) and their service is also great (as you already know). If you want something that will last till it is in pieces then get a MacBook. The MacBook Air's are brand spakin' new...and totally sexy. Hit me up on Facebook if you have any questions. Mac > PC :)

  3. MAC ALL THE WAY!! i love your blog so much, i HAVE to leave a comment. haha yes i care THAT much. jk- but seriously, mac's are the best!

    and i definitely like to get my workout in in the morning! then i don't spend all day thinking about when i can squeeze it in.. plus, there is something so relaxing about running/working out when you know the rest of the neighborhood is still snoozing.