Wednesday, July 6, 2011

wedding day!

Today started quick and early! I woke up bright and early and headed to teach Body Pump then to GPP for this workout! I was driiiiiiiiping sweat! That's when you know you got a good workout in! I love the challenge it gave me, my shoulders were already a little sore and now I'm not sure how I am supposed to pick up my children. Needless to say, motherhood called... I came home to two sleeping babies, Brent had to go run a errand for work, so I made a post-recovery shake! I love love shakes and smoothie bowls especially in the summer! It fills those ice cream/milkshake cravings that hit full force with the heat.

In the mix

1.5 Cup of almond milk unsweetened vanilla
handful of frozen blueberries
4 frozen strawberries
1 scoop vanilla elite protein
1 handful of spinach
4-5 ice cubes
Xanthan gum (for thickening)

This baby was THIIIICK! Just the way I like it.. uh huh uh huh! I quickly drank my shake, jumped in the shower, got the babes bathed and ready all before 9am. That is some sort of record... I'm talkin' hair done, makeup, babies hair etc.. phew. I'm tired just reviewing my morning! 
We dropped off the babies with grandma and headed to the wedding ceremony for Brents brother. Everything went smoothly and Janey was absolutely beautiful (as always). 
Just Muuuurried! 

Hi. meet the family. 

The luncheon was shortly after in which I kind of just walked in and out of due to the invite from my sister in-law to get a pedicure, Since it was a special occasion and we leave for Hawaii in 2 days!! I was in desperate need for one. I jumped at the chance! Missing lunch I quickly snacked on a apple and one of these
Love the taste and it held me over (barely) till I could get some actual food in my belly.. but I enjoyed the pedicure fully...
mmmmm.. feet. 

The lady massaged my calfs and I think I would of paid her double to keep doing it for 5 more minutes. It was heavenly. 
I came home and was craving a chicken salad, but I didn't have any grilled chicken in my fridge and need something quick cause I needed time to blog, (duh!) clean up and get the babies ready again... (in dress & suit) So I opted for a egg scramble!

Green Beans
4 egg whites
some onion

Not so pretty, I know but it had veggies, protein, & healthy fats (all of which I include in each of my meals everyday). Off to the reception! For dinner? Most likely sorbet, candy and wedding cake! .. I'll let you know ;) 

Hope your having a great day so far!

Q. Whats your go to snack to keep you from starving while on the go?

Q. Do you eat something at every meal? Even if it isn't part of your actual meal?
I always snack while things are cooking, right now my favorite is piece of a frozen banana with a bit of almond  butter. 


  1. Whoop! I taught Pump this AM too. The best way to start a day ;) Glad the wedding went well and your toes look super cute. I need a pedicure like whoa. I usually bring a homemade bar or lots o fruit with me on the go.

  2. Congrats to Brandon and his beautiful wife! Wish we could have made it. I see in that picture my parents were able to be there, I am so glad!

  3. Pretty toes!! I also want to sit there forever when they start in on the massage. Heaven.