Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Paleo Shopping List

Workout: GPP, Body Pump, 2 mile run.
I have received some emails this week, asking about my staples for paleo and my grocery list for how I plan my meals. ASK and you shall receive!
I like to keep things as simple as possible. I have a few go-to meals that are quick and easy to throw together on a whim.
I agree with my trainer when he says the key to a successful diet is to eat the same thing each and every day.
I start the beginning of each week with a dinner meal plan-
From there, I make my grocery list for the week. I do most of my shopping at my local grocery store, and Costco.
I typically purchase the same thing every time, unless I have a new recipe in mind.
Here are MY staples":
                  Costco           Smiths
*Chicken Almond Butter
*Tilapia *Coconut Flour
Spinach Apples
Red Peppers Grapefruits
Asparagus Bananas
Brussels Sprouts Cauliflower
*Almonds *Mrs. Dash
Sweet Potatoes Almond Milk
*Pumpkin Puree Onions
Eggs Avocado
*Berries (frozen/fresh)
*Green beans (frozen)
** Items with a Star last longer then the weekly shopping, and are not purchased every week.
Yesterday, I hit up Costco and gathered some items I had on my list.
Including some jeans for the hubby and some organic vanilla animal crackers for the babies.
When I make my dinner, I like to make sure I have plenty of left overs. Then I have a easy lunch or dinner the next day!!
Keys to Success:
  1. Make your meal plans
  2. Create your shopping list
  3. Stick to your list!
  4. Make sure to make enough for leftovers.
Give it a try! If your just getting started. Keep it simple. Then as you become more familiar with healthy eating, you can start getting a little more creative in the kitchen!
You can never go wrong with the basics!
Q. Do you meal plan?
Q. What is your favorite Veggie?


  1. Thanks Candice!!! Such a fun informative blog to follow!

  2. Yes always meal plan on Sunday grocery shop Monday. Favorite veggi would be broccoli.
    Another question. Do your kids and hubby eat the same meal plan as you or do you have to make 2 meals?

  3. I meal plan, it is a must. We do our grocery shopping on either Saturday or Sunday morning. Like you I do most of my shopping at Costco and Smiths.

    My fav veggies are asparagus, cauliflower and broccoli. Could not live without any of them.

  4. I've started meal planning more recently but rather than "assigning" a specific meal to a day, I make a list of 5-6 meals for the week because knowing us, our minds will change up until the minute before I start making dinner. If I know the ingredients are available, it's easy to decide what's for dinner :)

    I too most frequently shop at Costco [produce is such a steal!], as well as TJ's...