Monday, April 23, 2012

Hill Time

Yay!! I am HOME!! It feels SO good to be home to Brent and my babies! I’m taking the night off to spend some extra, much needed time with them tonight. But I won’t leave you hanging, Here is a hill workout I have done and saved for a “rainy day”… ENJOY!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a full race re-cap tomorrow! Also, I completed whole 30 so I’ll post my opinion on that also!

Have a great NIGHT!



When I am training for any race, there are certain training runs that I absolutely LOVE.

In this order.

  • Speed
  • Tempo
  • Distance
  • HILLS!

I despise hills.. They require hardcore music blasting in my ears to make it to the top.

One of the popular running trails in my city, that I run often is quite hilly. I know exactly every mile marker where a nice steep hill will be and often try to avoid them… at all cost. (Especially, when planning out distance runs!)

Hills however are important to train for. Some races tend to have some sort of incline at some point. (Hello, heart break hill!) They can be challenging but not impossible.

If you have trained correctly. I recommend training hills outside, but on those rainy days you don’t want to have to face the rain with a river coming down it. Right?

Here is a 30 minute Hilly workout!


Get to it!

Q. What is your favorite type of training run?

Q. Least favorite?


  1. I LOVE doing squats, but can't stand lunges. I know I have to keep doing them though, because I can always feel a difference in my legs after I do!

    P.S. I found your blog through meals and miles ;)

  2. oh! once i pop this baby out,you can bet i will be adding this workout in my training runs!!
    my fav training run would have to be sprints, whether its 200,400 or 800 repeats or just a HIIT on the TM,i even enjoy ladders,200m up to 3200m then back down...
    my least favorite are mile repeats and hill repeats
    its a love/hate relationship though!
    anyways,i do hope you enjoy your night off!!