Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nice Boots.

Good Night.

How else do you suppose I start a post, that I am just starting at 10:44pm?

Would you believe this is the first time I have sat down to the computer all day?

Didn’t think so.. but it’s the first moment I have had to blog.

First off, thank you for the support about our “new addition”. We are excited, but going to take our time to find the perfect pup that fits our family.


It is starting to warm up again.. but it will probably snow again by the end of the week, so we spent most of the day playing outside in the sun!

I snacked on a lara bar while T mowed the lawn.


This was my first time trying the “blueberry muffin” flavor and it might just be my favorite.. I have always been a “cashew cookie” kind of girl.


I tried to get a little gardening done but blowing bubbles for the twinners took priority.. for 2 hrs. They never got tired.. I however felt a bit light headed afterwards..

So I had a quick shake..


Also, someone else found a love for protein..


Oh. B….

This little chica has been into everything lately! When I catch her making a new mess I tell her no-no and she just looks at me and says “schorry” and throws the cutest grin and continues to play.. I can’t help but laugh. I love her.


On my way into Body Pump tonight I followed this character into the gym.


Sweat pants + Cowboy boots + Cigarette..

Really?! Dude, your going to the gym.. in legit cowboy boots.. and your smoking. Does anyone else find this odd?

I can’t stand the smell of smoke so I casually picked up my step to walk ahead of him, but he actually sped up! So, naturally I just took a picture of him.

Body Pump was awesome tonight, mainly cause Janetha was there with her sis and madre. LOVE them!


Source Thanks, J!

It was her first time and she rocked it.. Now, lets see if she comes again! In fact, I bet she beat me to the post… Yep, So you can check out her experience here.

Janetha is running “Adventurous April”.


There are prizes being given each week!! I love this idea! Take this chance to get out of your comfort zone and do something you don’t do normally! To check out the details, click here!

I’m to tired to think of anything more adventurous then my bed right now.. I’ll let you know tomorrow.




  1. AH! I love that Janetha's first class was yours- how fabulous. Your little B....always into everything :) I'm sure I'm in for it with Kay too.

  2. Yay! You are awesome, thank you for motivating me. And thank you for reminding me I don't want kids hehe