Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Packed and Ready!!

I guess the title should read. Not Packed.. Semi Ready…
I leave for So-Cal in the morning and I have quite a bit to get done before I take off.
This morning I headed to GPP to workout with Janetha and Kerryne!
Stole pic from Janetha. Yes, it was 6:30 AM. Bedhead, no makeup… Score. Hot beans, at least J and K look hot. 
They did this workout! It was Janetha’s first time! Check out her experience over at
Kerryne also wrote this post about one of her workouts at GPP!
I taught Body Pump and Body Attack tonight. Taper much? 
I’m off to run So-Cal Ragnar!
This is the first relay of the season! Relays are one of my favorite races! They are just plain fun. If you haven’t seen THIS YouTube video yet.. Check it.

I shopped a bit for a few necessities and will pick up some more snacks and food for the race when we get there.
I’m trying not to check a bag.. so travel size everything.. Wish me luck!
  • Toothpaste
  • Make-up remover wipes
  • Eye Makeup remover,
  • CLIF shot blocks
  • Nuun sunblock
  • Chapstick
  • New  Adidas running hat.
  • Lara bar (Blueberry muffin) I actually bought two but ate one on the way home.. oops.
Injury wise I am still working with my hip, I ran a 5k and feels… better. Not a 100% yet. The pain is out of my foot, IT and front part of my hip.. Just working on the dull ache on the outside and back side of the hip.
I’m going to take it by the mile. I really believe the rest I took helped. I also realized how much I depend on my workout to help me get through my day…
I also got another massage yesterday and Stacy really worked on my legs and hip. I feel SOOO much better. It’s a slow process but I can tell that my injury has improved by  a milestone from where it was 2 weeks ago!
Stacy specializes in injury recovery, sports therapy and deep tissue massage! Local Readers, GO!!!  She is amazing athlete and individual. Contact info is posted here.
**I am very skeptical what I advertise on my blog and wouldn’t recommend something if I truly didn’t believe and trust in the person or the product.

Q. Have you run a Relay Race?
Q. What would you bring to survive 48 hours in a van.. with 6 girls?


  1. Glad you're feeling better! So fun that you worked out with the other ladies. I really want to do a relay race- it sounds like so much fun. I would totally bring lots of snackies

  2. LOVE RAGNAR!! LOVE THAT YOUTUBE Video (I laughed for Weeks last year when I pulled it up) AND I LOVE That you get to run So Cal This weekend. I will be running the SLC Marathon on Saturday and honestly would rather be in CA with you running a Relay. Have fun! and be careful!! You've got Ogden in a few weeks.


  3. OH. geez. you should have stolen the before one haha. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Very nice post. I definitely appreciate this site. Stick with it!