Thursday, April 26, 2012

So-Cal Ragnar Review Questions

Hey guys! Sorry, Its been a busy week, Its launch week at one of the gyms I work at and I’m still trying to catch up on some house duties that need to get caught up on since I got home. I have a Whole 30 recap comin atcha and a fun giveaway! Stay tuned!
After my So-Cal Review post I had a few follow-up questions, so here is a little Q&A to wrap it up.
1. Where did you sleep?
During Ragnar you do have a bit of down time where you try to sleep… but people fart and smell and yell loudly for directions but when and if you can you sleep where ever you can while the other van is completing its legs. Luckily, one of the girls in our van had a condo available for us in Oceanside where we were able to shower and take a nappy before heading out for our 2nd legs. It was comfy and I couldn’t get enough of this view!
We were only there for about 3 hrs before we had to head to the next exchange. Once we finished leg two it was about 3 am, so we headed to the next major exchange (where our leg 3 would start) to get some shut eye. When we got there.. this is what it was..
Looks comfy huh?
Seriously.. they think just because we already smell and are dirty we can just rest our head in the dirt. #fail. We all cooped up in the van very strategically, shorties squeezed somewhere and tall chicas squeezed even smaller.  I ended up in the passenger seat. SNORE. Part of the craziness of Ragnar is the “no sleep” and run thing and try not to kill anyone by the end. Embrace it.
2. Did you have to train for Ragnar?
Not specifically. I know people who do though. I think if you are running/working out you don’t need to create some crazy training plan that makes you run at all times at night and then in the morning. Just make sure you can do the distance your legs require.
3. Where did you get your glasses?
Good thing I got some sun on those thunder thighs Winking smile
Good ole’ target. I think they were $15.99?
4. After doing this Ragnar and others how do you compare them all?
I have done quite a few relays, but only two “Ragnars” So Cal Vs. Wasatch Back.
Wasatch Back wins. I like running in the mountains, middle of nowhereville and overall seems to be more scenic and organized with marking the trails and leading directions. You don’t have to worry about getting nabbed or venturing through many neighborhoods. Sleeping is easier in Wasatch back. There is actual grass to lay on.
However, So Cal we hardly hit any major “van traffic” where as in Wasatch back most major exchanges are PACKED and there were occasions where our runner would have to get out and run up to the exchange to meet the other runner because the van wouldn’t make it in time… (cough cough, Ragnar hill). I think this happens because there are just to many teams. But its all in good “fun” right?
5. Are you going to Double Medal?
A double medal is when you complete two Ragnar's within a year. Yes, I will have had completed 2 Ragnar's, but the thing with the double series medals is that they are only select races. Check them out here. I do not plan on any other Ragnar's this year besides Wasatch but if a Vegas opportunity arises I may bite.
6. Do you prefer to run in shorts or capris?
I like shorts, but my thighs like capris. Chaffing is a “B”. Body Glide is my friend but longer the distance.. its pretty much inevitable.
7. What did you bring with you in the van?
Because it was a “out of town” race for me, I had my suitcase but was able to keep it light. Here are the important things that I think take priority.
  • Cash (you split gas, food, etc. etc. with your teammates)
  • 3 changes of clothes.Tops, Shorts, Socks. (I have always brought 3 but end up just wearing two. Judge away. Sleep usually trumps cleanliness in my book.) You want me in your van now. Huh?! I only use 1 pair of shoes, 2 jackets, sweat pants, and some flip flops.
  • Food you will eat and that you are willing to share. If your not willing to share your teammates might curse you. It’s a free for all. Gus, Protein powder/pre-mixed protein shakes/chocolate milk, nuts, fruit etc. Are all great. A lot of people like bars but if your not use to eating them all the time, I find they can cause a bit of a digestive issue. Hang out by the honey buckets for 2 minutes and you will know what I mean.
  • Sleeping bag. No pillow, the van can get cramped if there are 6 pillows floating around.
  • IBU, Icy Hot, Foam Roller
  • Baby wipes, face wipes, toothbrush, and febreeze---> trust me..
8. Did you know all the girls in the van prior to the race?
Nope, there were two girls I met for the first time. You can find a team to be on through the Ragnar website. Meeting strangers is fun. I mean, its not like we have been taught our whole life to stay out of vans with strangers right? They probably will even have candy to.
This one had a few cousins running in the other van but I loved everyone the same.
9. Are you planning on Wasatch Back?
Yes. Wasatch Back is one of my favorites and Ill be with the same team as last year but were splitting into a guy/girl van. Girls rule. Alas, this year we shall be known as team “3 legs = loose stool.” Refer back to #7
10. What relays are you doing this year and which one is your favorite?
So-cal, Red Rock (Moab), Wasatch Back, Epic, Top of Zion, and Red Rock (Zion). (Vegas?) I might be relayed out by that time. We shall see.
My Favorite? So far, Wasatch Back tops the list, it was my first relay and this will be my 5th year doing it.

I really enjoy relays, I have such a good time doing them. I think everyone needs to experience one. Every level is invited. Its not really competitive race.. (I actually think competing a relay is lame.) They are the kind of race that is meant to be enjoyed and just plain fun. You all get the same shirt, medal, tattoo, sticker and share the same honey bucket at the end.. no matter when you finish. 
If you haven’t experienced such joy. I recommend you get on that.


  1. Great recap! Thanks for sharing, it's fun to hear about the So-Cal Ragnar experience. I ran the Wasatch Back Ragnar a few years ago and loved it. I am running the River Rail Relay in May, but it's a pretty small race compared to any of the Ragnars.

  2. Sounds like a great time Candice! I have a secret goal of running in a Ragnar someday! You've inspired me to try it sooner, rather than later! By the way, I'm the girl that chats with you in between your body pump class and Britt's zumba class on Wednesday's at Skills! :)