Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So-Cal Ragnar

12 people, 2 vans, 203 miles.


This was my first out-of state Ragnar. I was excited for the experience and a little nervous to start because of my hip that I have been giving love to for the past two weeks in order to be ready to do this ragnar.

I was running with just a few girls that I knew before hand and a few I was just meeting for the first time and the other van was full of my cousins, It wasn’t a competive team at all, there were a few other girls with injuries and two of girls in my van had just had babies 3 months prior. So I wasn’t to stressed about it. I was just excited to get out there and RUN.

Leg 1- 4.9

My first leg was 4.9 moderate.


It was HOT outside, I wasn’t to concerned about the heat, knowing I had van support the entire leg. I was nervous because my hip was bugging while I was just walking… eesh. I said a quick mini prayer, popped some IBU. Good to go?

While I was waiting in the corral for my runner to come in,  reader whitney spotted me! (Hi WHIT!) and Thank you!


Here is a team pic before van 1 and 2 started. Feeling clean and fresh. (well.. van 2)



Yes, I am tall…

I was one sweaty mess after that 4.9 but running at sea level is amazing. I felt great the whole run, the heat was just starting to get to me by the end. I however HATED that it was next to the highway and I had to run through about 15 intersections… I hate having to stop and wait 2-3 minutes at the lights.

My g-ma hip held up surprisingly well without any pain during or after the run. It was a miracle. really..  I was able to jump out and help one of my team mates run her last mile till the exchange.

LEG 2. 3.8



Was at 2AM, (3AM my time). It was dark and had cooled off and was perfect weather. JUST dark! This was the run I was actually looking forward to. I love the night runs, but it was in the ghetto of cali, seriously. I ran past a bar and had a couple of drunkerds chase me down the side walk. (Yes, that was the scariest moment of my life, and yes, I did report it to race officials.) During the race, I usually had a few other runners around me, during this leg I did not see ONE person. Weird. Maybe cause most of the runners are from Cali know that it was a sketchy area and probably skipped it all together. mm. not cool. Oh well.

Here are a few pics from the night runs.



number 2 on leg 2. TMI? I was a happy runner.


Here goes leg two!


LEG 3. 11.1 ….12.7


It was hot. I gained 394 feet in less then half a mile, then lost it. Lots of lights,hills, pier running, weaving in and out of tourists and jumping over dog leashes. Took a wrong turn.. (not marked correctly). I figured I was going the wrong way when I ran into a few other runners who made the same mistake. Darn. I had no van support first 8 miles, maybe because my van got lost.. But I was okay, other vans were very supportive and gave me a sip of gatorade/water.  When I first saw my ladies I was SOOO happy, I was thristy and sunburned, I napped a water from them and they sprayed me with sunscreen as I ran past. I took a two shot blocks at mile 5, and another two at mile 9. But this was my view for a part of it..


Beautiful. Breathtaking…. perfect.

12.7 in 1:27 I’ll take it.

Happy to be finished I took off my shoes and cheered on our other runners till the end!

When you get to the end of Ragnar, your whole team comes with you and runs through the finish together!



I totaled 23.6 miles. We had a great team and I’m proud of all my teammates. We were all able to help each other out when needed (running subs took place due to injuries).

Its rare to get a van full of 6 completely different girls for 24+ hours and live to tell the tale. Drama from fatigue expected, but I think I love them all now then before. Especially the drama you can laugh about later..

Overall, it was a good race. I probably will not do it again because of how expensive it was.. registration, flights, van rental, hotels, gas, food etc. Kinda puts a dent into things.

It also wasn’t marked as well as I would of hoped. That extra mile I fit in on my last leg unexpected and I didn’t enjoy it…I heard there was a few legs that seemed to take “detours” due to unmarked streets and there seemed to be a lot of back tracking on some legs.

The check in line for Van 2 was LONG and we didn’t plan for it. So if you do a Ragnar be early to check in all your runners, sign safety releases and stand through a safety/rule speech… ALL required before your first runner takes off in your van.

Sponsors, race officials/volunteers were great and overall it was a good race, and running at California elevation was wonderful!


  1. We totally got lost on that long run of your as well! We felt SO BAD that we couldn't support our runner but it was super confusing! It was definitely a confusing race. But my last run was seriously incredible (runner 7). I got to run on the beach, on a cliffside overlooking the beach (seals, pelicans, kayakers), and through some incredible houses in La Jolla. That was definitely the most beautiful Ragnar I have done! I can see how the price would be rough. Luckily being a DIRT POOR college student, my team asked me to come along free of charge. Luckily I have photography skills to hopefully repay them back a little bit ;)! I can't believe you got chased by drunk guys. Good thing you're fast! It was good to see you there!

  2. So fabulous!! You rock. What an experience

  3. So happy to read a SoCal race report! Happy your hip was okay for the race. I was invited to do the race w some family but couldn't swing it. your report makes me feel okay I couldn't do it. when did you sleep?
    after doing the wasatch back & the one in southern utah, how do you compare them all? are you doing the wasatch back? double medal?

  4. Way to go. You are super woman. I got shin splints almost a year ago and they are still giving me guff. Part of me is probably worried about getting them bad again. Anywho. I had to tell you that I tried your Walnut Crusted Tilapia last night. It was really good. I'm not big into fish (I'm trying to be because it's good for you) and I really liked this recipe. Good work. Love your blog.

  5. Shoot sorry about your night run. When my sister ran SoCal a year or two ago, she ran the Board Walks......the Bums where scary and it's a non support leg. She said she cried the whole leg. Luckly there was a bike pacer that was with another runner just behind her and so she stuck with them the rest the way.

    Way to be though. you running Wasatch this year??

  6. Amazing. This is good work done. I am impressed. It inspired us. Thanks for sharing with us.