Sunday, April 22, 2012

You know that moment when…

You drop your phone face down.. on the asphalt?
Yes, that moment.
I stood there knowing exactly what had happened. Great crud nuggets.
My phone was completely shattered! I could barely read anything! I was so mad and or sad.
Brent is constantly telling me to make sure I keep my case on it.. and he honestly told me probably 3 times the night before to find my case.. So you can guess how excited I was to tell him about my #fail.  I really just need a water proof, drop proof, booger proof, twin proof, Candice proof case.. where do you suppose I can pick up one of those?
This is the second time I have shattered my screen and I can’t even blame it on the babies.. because it was my fault BOTH times!!
Shards of glass were like little slivers in my thumb and cheek, I can’t go on with it like this.. (What did we ever do without smart phones?). I posted my epic drop on facebook and one of my friends referred me to Joey!
Check out his website
Within 5 minutes I had an appointment to get my screen fixed!!
He even gave me color options for my screen! White, black, orange, purple, pink, or the normal black.
I went with the purple!
It only took him 30 minutes to get it done!! I just dropped it off and took the babies for a little drive while it was being repaired.
Need some puppy love?
Check out the before and after! I love it! No more glass slivers and completely fashionable!
AMAZING! No complaints, quick fix, high quality and friendly to boot.
I’m a huge fan!
He even can do the back with a different or the same color!
Here is how it works!
So next time you experience a shattered screen, GO to Joey! Quick, affordable, friendly!


  1. Hey, this is Aly! This is awesome! How much did it cost? We missed you at dinner! Babies and Brent were fun to have. Baylee and I spent some quality time going for a walk around half a block and she walked almost the entire way herself. What a big girl! She held my finger and I held Bella's leash with my other hand. She had a great time. Are you home now?

  2. Fabulous! I have the monster insurance plan on my phone for this reason alone!!

  3. Sorry about your phone. How was So CAL!????? Can't wait to hear all about it. How are your injuries? You feelin ok? 4 weeks till Ogden! You ready?