Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Home Slow and Fast Fish

We left St. George yesterday afternoon and made it home to visit my mom and grandpa right before the sun went down.


Memorial day, is a day we honor those who passed away serving our country and our loved ones who served us.  My mother passed away in 2005 and I still have a hard time standing above her grave. It never gets easier. I miss her smile, her hugs and it absolutely kills me that she is missing out on watching my babies grow. I know she is watching over us but I still miss the physical part of her being next to me. She was an amazing person and is missed everyday.

Back to the day…

On our way out we stopped by Dicks Sporting Goods since they have just opened up in St. George and it is one of Brents favorite stores to meander around in.

Little did he know I knew they sold running shoes there and I picked out a early birthday present! IMG_7397[1]

Man, am I persuasive or do I just have the best, most understanding husband?

One of my friends purchased a pair of Brooks Pure Cadence running shoes and couldn’t stop raving about them. Since I was in need of new running shoes anyway or I may just have the talent to justify any purchase but I’m going with the need thing. Oh, and my husband loves me and thinks my new shoes are hot.

We took them for a quick 4 mile run last night and they felt great! They have just enough cushion without it being to high and a low heel for a quick drop. I also feel that the cushion is right in the middle of my foot, right where I strike. Win. 


I also LOVE the bright colors, perfect for this summer race season yes? Now, I just need a matching top…

After being stuck in the car for 6 hours yesterday I was ready for some real food! ---> gas station snacks just doesn’t cut it.

When we got home I really wanted to bbq but left our fridge with the bare minimum. I had some frozen tilapia and green beans. BAM- Dinner.

I sprayed a skillet with olive oil and dumped the frozen filet on the skillet and covered it with a lid.

We snacked on a little chips and salsa while the fish was cooking


I seasoned the fish with Mrs. Dash Original seasoning and seared each side for about 7 minutes and made sure it was cooked thoroughly before digging in.


I have been on a salmon kick for awhile, I forgot how much I like tilapia! It’s a light fish, packed with protein!

This morning I hit up GPP for the workout and a quick mile run because I had to get home so Brent could go do that whole work thing.

Today has been a whole day of catch up in the house.. but if you came by you probably wouldn’t be able to tell. So we gave up and went to the pool.

With this little diva and rock star dude. I’m literally surprised if I brush my hair. (Some days)…—>random side note: “Someday” is one word “Some days” is two. Cool. Thanks, spell check.


*Notice: T is actually IN the pool. (This is big people) Bee is still playing around with the whole idea, although I did take her down the slide once but didn’t want to do it again.. Hopefully, they warm up to it soon, we have allllll summer….

I taught body pump and now its time to hang out and catch up on a little Bachelorette.

Question of the day:

How often do you buy new running shoes?


  1. Those shoes are so cute! What day is your birthday?

  2. looks like a great weekend!!

    i should prob buy running shoes more often since i use the crap out o them..but i forget...so i guess i buy new ones whenever i remember haha

  3. The blisters on my feet tell me I need some ASAP! Usually I get a new pair every two years, need to change that!

  4. Very cool shoes. I've seen like 5 pair of these at the gym in the last week.

    My newest pair are 18 months old. Babies. My other 2 pair are both turning 3 this year.

  5. Candice, what do you put on your fish? Is that salsa?... looks yum!