Monday, May 28, 2012

Indian Hike

Happy Memorial Day!
Yesterday after I logged off, our tour guides aka Brent's mom, Joanne and her husband Stan took us on a hike to see if we could find some petroglyphs!

JoAnne and Stan- Tourist Guide professionals. 
They have been to the area several times and were very excited to show us. We hiked for about a mile up a desert hill before we reached an archeological site, where college students have been surveying the area for Indian pottery and even human bones!
The area had been cleared mostly but we were able to find several pieces of cracked pottery!
This small piece even had some print on it, which was a rare find.
We had a fun time searching and digging!
We continued about another half mile to get to the petroglyphs. They were hidden on rocks throughout the cliff wall. There were a few other hikers along the narrow, and twisting trail. It was fun to climb around the rocks and find artwork on top of, underneath the huge boulders.
Once the sun was overhead it was starting to warm up a bit so we headed back to the cars. The kiddos were getting a bit restless so we headed back to the condo for a little nap time. They fell asleep in commute after about 5 minutes.
Its been a long time since I went for a hike. I love getting out and about, discovering things along the way makes it go by quick!
For lunch Joanne whipped up some turkey pastrami sandwiches, bruschetta, Asian salad with some of the best watermelon I have ever tasted. My stomach is pretty sensitive to certain foods still since eating paleo so I played it safe and just had some of the salad and made a 3 egg omelet to have along with some watermelon!
The spread!
Brent’s Plate

After our bellies were full we headed out to visit some other tourist sites! Rumor has it that Veyo, UT is home of the most amazing pies!
How could you ever doubt it after seeing this sign?
The twinners fell asleep in the car on the way there so we grabbed a hot pie to go and drove through a cute little city called Pine Valley- It was full of PINES! I love the mountains and the setting of this little town was small and took me right out of the dessert into the wilderness!
I headed into the country store to grab a snack but there were slim pickings…
I was tempted however to grab the stylish rattlesnake tee.
Our guides took us to the site of  the Mountain Meadows Massacre. It was a short mile hike around but this one was paved and a bit easier to navigate the strollers. Once we reached the top there was a memorial with names of those that were killed on the site. There was nobody over the age of 50 listed. I was surprised to see how many children and infants were listed. There were tubes that you looked through tubes to spot the areas where they fought, died and were buried.
After we headed to visit my friend Bridgett  that is down in St. George for a vaca too! We had a quick tour of her parents beautiful home before heading back for dinner!!
I was hungry!!! So it disappeared fast. Not time for pictures… Joanne had made some beef in the crockpot with some cabbage, potatoes and carrots.
Then it was time for dessert! Bring on the pie! They picked out a cherry raspberry pie. I decided raspberry>cherry, but nothing beats banana cream.
This morning I was planning on doing a local 5k, I packed my garmin, iPod, clothes but sadly I forgot MY SHOES!! I borrowed some of Joanne’s shoes for hiking yesterday but they are about a half size to small and not to comfy. So no run for me this morning.  I’ll have to squeeze in a workout a little later when we get home. 
Were off for another little hike then a little brunch before hitting the road home!
Catch ya later!
Hope your loving the long weekend wherever you may be!
Q. Favorite Pie?

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  1. I have always hoped to find some ancient artifact while out on a hike! Score!