Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Red Rock Relay-Moab


The Red Rock relay in Moab is a one day relay covering 70 miles in teams of 6!


We all headed down to volunteer with registration since one of our friends helps run the show and she offered us some swag if we could come help. How do you turn that down?


We spent the majority of Friday, getting everyone set and ready to run the following morning. Each team was provided with team shirts, a captain hoodie, slap bracelet, race guide, and of course free tats. It was our job to set each team up with the bag of goodies.


Registration ran smoothly and went by quick. RRR is organized and efficent so really the only confusion was where you would place your temporary tattoo. RRR gear is also super cute! They had hoodies, half zip jackets, t-shirts, tanks, trucker hats and few other things and I wanted one of everything…Everything was made by Nordic Track which provides some high quality gear. RRR is all about keeping it affordable too! Jackets were only $35 (Like the one we all have on.) Which is amazing because you won’t find that at any other race!

After packing up a few things we headed to the hotel to eat dinner, which consisted of random snacks that were in the back of the van. Classy. So classy, I didn’t even take a picture.

We were able to get a full night rest before our start time on Saturday. Our team name was the GPP Barbies. Each of us represented our own barbie. There was Malibu, Miss America, Devil, Lucky, Gardner, Goddess and skipper.


I actually wasn’t going to do this race because it was the weekend before the marathon and life can get a little crazy sometimes when mom is gone. My team was actually all set with 6 runners already, but they invited me to come pace them. I asked Brent for the green light and it was a go. I am so glad I got to go hang out with these ladies! Mom’s need girl weekends. Heck. Every girl needs a girl weekend!


We started in Swanny Park right in the heart of Moab. You start running alongside the Colorado river, which is beautiful and surrounded with cliffs of red rocks and then climb over and through the La Sal Mountain range which is beautiful and green and can I add steeeeeep?.. Then back down into Moab and finish in the park!

We sent our first runner off at 9am. Ate some breakfast and decorated the van….(she had about 7 miles)


Complete with Barbies secured safely to the windows.


And we were off!


I ran the 3rd leg with Miss America Barbie, It was along the river which was beautiful but it was HOT. I was glad it was just over 3 miles.. I was dripping by the end.


The second leg I joined was with Devil Barbie for this sweet peach.


This was a tough tough climb… props to all who completed this beast. The La Sal Mountains are no joke, but they do offer one of the most amazing views I have ever seen!


We had a lot of fun throughout the course.







And even BURPEES for exchanges!

536072_765757194571_29001302_34774559_117564288_n 463496_3911437026693_1302401247_33548906_295380832_o

P.S Burpees in heels was harder then you would think! I almost fell forward every time.

The last leg I paced skipper. It was an enjoyable down hill through some neighborhoods and park right into the park finish! We even saw a rattlesnake!! It was next to a curb and some guy that was standing there warned us so we kept our distance as we ran past.


source for all elevation/course info

Our van met us right before the finish so we could get all dressed up for our big finish.


Hot pink heels with all the accessories. That’s how we run a race! Please note that I was also known as alzheimers barbie because I completely forgot to pack my tank top! (major sad face Sad smile)

Men got medals and women got this cute necklace!


Sorry bad lighting- it has stainless steel pendants, with a nice thick chain.

I love the necklace and think it is a great change from the medals that I just hang up in the pile on the top of my dresser..

Pretty cute huh!

I love, love, LOVE the one day relays compared to the overnight. No sleep deprevation and you get to rest in a comfy bed..not a back seat. Bada bing bada boo. Done and done in one day!

Moab is also one of my favorite places to go, there is so much to do and the views are breathtaking, from the red rock to the tall pine trees. It’s a small town with lots of spunk.

No complaints. It was a great race!! Everything ran smooth and no serious issues. Each exchange was clearly marked and the course was designed with the runner in mind. All the volunteers and race officials were all friendly, and knew our to throw a good party.

Especially with this my friends who all amaze and inspire me each and every day!



  1. That looks so fun!! Never done a relay before but I hope to do one sometime soon!

  2. I heard you guys had groupies. Everybody loved this team. Hmmm. Wonder why.

    Did people seriously stop you guys to get photos with your team?

  3. You are all beautiful! Way to run hard, play hard, laugh, and help everyone around you have a good time! Love you guys! -Lemon