Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Decide to do these 4 things TODAY.

Hey guys! We are half way to the weekend!

Today was a LONG day for me. But a good day, besides picking up 7,452,325 goldfish twice.... I’ll take it. 
Probably because I woke up at 5am.

I met my sister at GPP and we did this workout. It was rough. There was a total 2 miles of running, broken into 800m, but throw those KB swings and V-ups in the mix and I felt like I ran 20 miles. My goal was to sub 20 (do it in less then 20 minutes.) Needless to say, I had to stop and tie my shoes TWICE. That is what I get for attempting to put them on and tie them while driving… I didn’t reach my goal. NEXT TIME…


On GPP’s website (where I do my workout everyday) We post in the comment section our time/weights/thoughts/complaints/ramblings, etc.

Usually,I just post my results of the workout that day to keep track. Today, I added a “next time” part and I think I’m going to roll with it, kind of like a rolling goal sheet. So, next time the workout pops up, I can check my time, weights or whatever and see what I hoped to improve on or my thoughts on the workout to see how I can challenge myself and improve me. It will be cool. I love accountability. It keeps me motivated in the gym and life in general.

I love these comments. They inspire me to work harder and push myself in the gym everyday. The community aspect of GPP rocks and the cool thing is YOU could be part of it too! We love to hear from other people and you will find motivation in them and maybe even relate to some of the other commenters. Try it.

I also took some time today and jotted down a few things I want to do everyday and think everyone else should. I will share them with you.

#1. Be Accountable: Plan your workouts, journal them, not just your weights,pace etc. But how you felt! Maybe you were sick but fought through it, or you had sweat in your eyeballs and enjoyed every grueling moment. I think this is important because if you have a day you just don’t feel like working out you can flip through your workout journal and be motivated by YOU!.
  • Like I said above, I’ll be posting those on the comment section of GPP’s website and I bought a little journal today to keep a personal record to.

#2 Be nice to yourself: Do you talk to yourself in a positive way? Think about how you talk about yourself. In the mirror or with your friends. If your friend said something negative about you, do you really want that person as a friend. The way you treat yourself will reflect on how others treat you.
  • I have gained some weight and I catch myself constantly complaining about it. Yesterday, a good friend told me I was gorgeous. (I was post workout- covered in sweat, smelly and really frustrated with myself at the time.) --->a little opposite of gorgeous.. but you know what? It made my day. I truly didn’t even know how to respond.. it caught me a little off guard and I’m grateful to that person everyday. I am so lucky be surrounded by such amazing people. SO, I’m going to start being a little nicer to myself. I’m going to put a little effort into finding positive things and maybe getting ready a little more. (I really sit in my gym clothes for the majority of the day…) --->big secret…ha!

  • liztaylor

#3 Start helping other people- Just be nice. Bring dinner to someone, introduce or compliment a stranger. Go out of your way and do a act of service for somebody.
  • I love being a trainer/fitness instructor. It gives me fulfillment in a aspect of my life, that I can make a difference or impact someone’s life in a positive way. Out of the gym I tend to fall into my own schedule, worrying about other duties, my errands, my house chores, my kids, etc. So, now I want to make it a goal to go out of my way and do something for someone else. Maybe take my friends kids to the park so she can catch a little break, or surprise a family with dessert.


#4 Spend time with the right people- People who make you feel better about yourself, who lift you up inside and who you know will always be there for you through thick and thin. Find people you inspire you to be a better person. Who motivate you in all aspects of life and make you strive to be like them.
  • The majority of my day is spent with people like this. I am lucky to be be surrounded by them. If I run into some negativity I will try my best to be a positive light instead of add to complaints.


Source--->like GPPfit FB!

These are my new commitments. How about you?

Questions of the day:

Do you log your workouts?

What is one thing you can commit to doing TODAY?


  1. I think helping others is always an awesome goal! I don't really log my workouts...I plan out what I'll do for the week- but that is the extent!

  2. 100% agree with all.. It's amazing how surrounding yourself with positivity makes a huge difference in your life.. And service? How could you go wrong with helping others..?? You can't! Candice you are beautiful!! Inside and out. :) and no I don't log my workouts maybe I should ;)

  3. Dang. This post is legit! Can we go on a girls trip soon haha.. I need to work on #4 as much as possible ;) XOXO

  4. LOVE THIS!!! I love reading your blog! You are awesome!

  5. I would want to be more thankful for those around me. I'm thankful for you Cand. You are a good friend.

  6. Candice this makes me like you even more. Good advice from a great person!

  7. Candice this makes me like you even more. Good advice from a great person!

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