Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lets Race!

Hey guys! I hope you had a great weekend and enjoying these last few weeks of summer!
Brent went hunting this weekend with his brother and so I have been playing single momma for the weekend. Phew! Kudos to single moms out there. It is hard work! Completely worth it, but I found myself pretty exhausted after chasing around four legs with my two.
We went to the park a few times.. Yes a few, in one day. These two are always on the go and just getting out of the house for an hour helps these little bundles of energy tone down a bit.
( I have no idea where they get it from Winking smile)
Yesterday, I taught pump and did this workout, then we headed to my friend Lindsey baby shower. I went to school and worked with Lindsey in the dental office for a few years. The shower was had a ladybug theme and was decorated in red and black with little lady bugs all over.
They served chicken croissants, salad and a pasta that had sun-dried tomatoes in it, which are my favorite!
It was fun seeing the girls and chatting and chasing each others kiddos around. It is crazy to me how close we all still live but it was possibly the first time we have seen each other in months!! In high school these are the girls I would spend every single day with and we all promised we would all stick together and still hang out after graduation.. Boy, the changes, colleges, marriage and kids brings down on that…
Do you keep in touch with your high school friends? (Not including stalking them on FB…Winking smile)
I want to plan more dinners/lunches or even play dates. Any ideas?
I have some fun news!
I mentioned in this post the upcoming races I have this fall and then this weekend I found out I won a free entry into this race.
Bear Lake Monster Run is actually a trail run! I love trail running but usually hike/run them… I have never done a trail race before so I’m pretty excited to be part of this race. It is a half marathon distance so I will be considering this a great training run for the Big Cottonwood Marathon coming up!
Bear lake, Utah is one of my favorite places to go to because of the blue lake and the raspberry shakes! YUM! Hometown drive-in --->. I’m coming for you!
Bear Lake isn’t to far from my families ranch in Wyoming and we were planning on being up there for labor day so hopefully we can find a place to stay in bear lake and head up there after the race.
Plans? They come together eventually right?
My friend runs the Utah Running Guide Facebook page and is always giving away entries to races in Utah! If you’re a local go “like” the page and maybe you can win an entry to a few races as well!
Hope your all having a great Sunday!
PS. Next weekend is a LONG weekend! Yay!
Questions of the Day:
  • Any trail racers out there have any advice?
This is my first one and I have no idea what to expect!


  1. I agree! Every time Josh goes away I am like phewwwwwwwwww....thank goodness for daddy-o's! I can't tell Kaylin is going to be crazy on the go one day. Shes already giving me a run for my money

  2. The one piece of advice I have for you regarding running trails is to watch the ground at ALL times! Lots of twigs, rocks and fun things await you so you just have to be very cautious with your footing. Aside from that it is a beautiful experience and I think you will LOVE it!!!

    1. Thanks!! I am known to trip and fall... ha! Ill keep an eye out!