Friday, August 17, 2012

Two days time

Hey guys! Sorry for the Hiatus on the blog! It has been a crazy past two days and at the end of the day I chose sleep over the blog.
I promise I love you all just as much. Sleep even trumped showering… (Just kidding, kind of.)
Here is a quick recap of the past two days!
Day 3 of 2-a-days started at 6 am with a fun hike/run up my favorite trail in Bountiful. I think I could run this everyday and never get sick of it. Not to mention if all these peeps do it with me! When we started it was still pretty dark outside, bonus was we got to watch the sunrise.
Breakfast has been the same thing the past few days. Exciting I know.

Egg whites with a veggie and fruit pre-workout- (I can’t really workout with a full stomach, so I make sure to wake up early enough to let this digest a bit before the workout.)
Post workout has been a protein shake to help with a quick recovery. Some days these meals have been swapped, depending on the time I workout.

Even T likes his daily dose of protein powder.
flashback photo, but same outcome..

He loves expensive toys..
Along with 2 a-days, we are following a structured meal plan as well so needless to say, my lunch has been the same salad all week with a few different veggies in the mix.
So far I have been doing perfect on the diet and the workouts. I only have 2 left! This week has been challenging and hard but at the same time it has been SO much fun. The power of community is addicting and motivating. It has been a great experience! Even the ladders that we did last night..
I even got to keep up with a cowboy and princess. These two got game for sure.
They even had energy after to play at the park!
A kipping two-year old. Exactly what I expect. Winking smile
Readers Request:
I recently received a readers request for a lunge workout, ----> Ask and you shall receive! This can be done while holding weights if you would like. If you are new to working out I would cut the reps in half and just use your body weight.

Just like that, those legs and booty will be burnin’!
Lunge Workout

Last night we celebrated my little brothers birthday with the family. His actual Birthday is TODAY!

Happy Birthday Jamison!
He just found out yesterday that he broke his foot sometime last week and has been playing football with it all week! Now its in a cast and he uses crutches! He is a fast healer.. we hope!
He sure is a great uncle to these two!
Love ya, bro!
Happy FRIDAY!!
Our night will be spent playing hooverball! ---> I’ll clue you in later what hooverball is..
Tomorrow morning is the last workout of RX + week at GPP and it will be a two hour event in which I have to follow up with body pump! What a Saturday!
Catch  ya’ tomorrow afternoon!


  1. You are Intense, and that motivate me for sure. Just wanted to ask you what hike it was you guys went on? Mueller Park?

  2. Sweat trumps shower! Love it. Needs to be a t-shirt.