Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolution this.

Hope you are all ready to ring in a new year tonight!! I love celebrating the new year, looking back on all the great and not so great things that had happened this past year, and another excuse to stay up late, play games and chat the night away!

This morning I got my workout done early due to some munchkins that sound like 80 year olds with sore throats. They feel fine, no fevers just no voices.. so I left them sleeping at home and hit the gym early.


Last time I did this workout I used a heavier weight, and got 22 rounds. Today I did the workout with my friend Melissa with the RX weight and we flew through 31 rounds! It was so fun doing it with her! She always comes to my body pump classes and does GPP but we never get to workout together at GPP cause she has something called a job. Winking smileWe laid on the floor for at least 2 minutes after. It was also 7:30 in the morning and we are a hot mess. Enjoy it.

With a New year comes resolutions!  This year as I sat down thinking about my ambitions for the next year, I had a hard time… I love making goals throughout the year because I like having something to work for. I can make 5,384,345 mini goals so I thought I would make more of general resolutions this year. I separated them into categories, fitness, health, and family.



I would love to PR my times in both a full and half! I can do this if I focus and put more energy into my training. Run, run, run!

I got a new Jump rope from Santa this year! So far my longest string is 52, so I’m half way there! So I either want to do 100 dubs or do them for an entire minute!

Muscle up! This one actually scare me a little, last time I tried a muscle up on the bar I got a pretty fugly bruise on my arm. I played around on the rings a little today at the gym and thinking it may just take me a whole year to get it but I’m putting it out there. I’ve got to get my strength up and work on that high kip!

More rest days! Yes. I’m serious.. It seems a little opposite of most peoples goals but I have a bad habit of having to workout everyday! Sunday is always a rest day but I really work hard throughout the week, through teaching, running and GPP. SO If I am tired and sore I’m going to give myself a extra day off to recover if needed.


Sleep- This is ALWAYS a goal of mine because I really do struggle with it. I stay up late, reading blogs, blogging, watching TV or cleaning. Most nights I don’t get in bed until midnight or later! I’m going to set an alarm on my phone that goes off as a warning “10 minutes to bed time!” When that goes off, I’ll wrap up whatever I’m doing and head to bed! (But not tonight!)Winking smile

Service- My Aunts and others are great examples of service, there is so much that could be done for others and I’m pretty good at coming up with excuses why I can’t help. I’m done with that and want to be more pro active in helping others when they needed! My friends and family do so much for me and I’m ready to pay it forward!

Read More: Do you know how many books I read this past year. ONE. – cover to cover… How many I started but never even finished 93472093. I have a really hard time actually getting into books… It needs to take off from page one or it will sit on my nightstand all year.


By the time I get home after a long day of teaching or whateve, I have a protein shake and throw the kids another sandwich or left overs from another night. Now that Brent is done with school I want to have more family dinners at night.

I am the ultimate multi tasker! It’s a good thing and a bad thing. When someone is talking to me, I’m listening but I’m also probably texting, making dinner and wrestling a toddler at the same time. I want to just put everything down and focus on what the person is saying. ---> My husband will love this one! Winking smile

Get organized: This is probably my most unrealistic goal ever. It is simply impossible for me to 100% organized at home. The twins make sure of this! But I want to be more on top of things I have control of like the house work, windows, vacuuming, laundry, bathrooms, etc. I gave up on the toy room and the dishes along time ago.. oh and the laundry too, but I’m going to work on it! Early this year, I took part of a challenge that it was my goal to do so and I would set a timer for 20 minutes a day, turn off my computer and phone and would clean my house, laundry, toys, dishes etc. I got a lot of stuff done during those 20 minutes so I want to keep that up! Probably not every day but more often then not.

So I’m giving myself these goals and a little lee way to get by!


Tonight we are making homemade pizzas and playing games!

Just the kind of new year celebration I’m in for.