Thursday, December 13, 2012

Runners Ultimate Gift Guide


Do you need ideas for that runner or worker outer (?) in your life? Maybe, just a few ideas for your stocking? All you need to do is forward this to your husband/loved one/ and your mom..



I wear BIC bands every. single. day. for every. single. workout. They keep my hair out of my face during my workout and show off my regrowth too. Seriously though, these are amazing in the gym. They are stylish, come in different colors, and styles. The mini bands are my favorite in the sparkle! BIC bands gives back to! So every purchase you make they donate part of it to a charity! So it is now you will look hot in your BIC band and give back at the same time. Double score. 



Running Shoes! I love new shoes. I hoard shoes. Just ask my husband. I can justify buying new shoes every 3 months.. (even though I don’t) Brookes Pure Cadence are one of my favorite types of running shoes, along with Mizunos for long distance. I find that both are comfortable and help with my pronation and stride.

Wunder Under Crops


Every woman needs a pair of of black wunder under crops! I have the inspire crops and love them! Black bottoms are the most popular among us chicks, and these crops don’t make you choose between a muffin top or a camel toe every morning before the gym. Winking smile They suck you in and prevent the jiggle from happening. Freal. If you have not ever had a pair of these. INVEST. You would of never felt so comfortable in spandex in your life.


Impact Fitness has amazing tops! As soon as I saw this top I needed it, so I ordered it! (I’m super good at shopping for myself during X-mas)The Gather Seamless top is available in 4 different colors. It is supportive and the straps in the back are super cute, not to mention the length on it is perfect for tall blondes like me.


Impact Fitness also has this awesome ruching remix  jacket, that I am totally lusting after right now.. I love the ruching and the detail AND the thumb holes. It is available in 6 colors, my fave is this teal!



Every woman loves jewelry, even if you a hot mess most days and live in your gym clothes all day long. Just me? Okay….

Flashletics has some great gifts for your friend, man in your life or yourself.

I love this bronze kettle bell necklace!



Now, you may think socks would be a super lame gift, but I assure you every runner loves them,but hates to buy them. You know, kind of like toilet paper.. I absolutely am a running sock snob. I didn’t realize it until I ran in actual running socks. Now I need them when I run. I have had less blisters since I started wearing them, and not to mention I never have to dig my sock out from under my heel anymore mid-run. I love these mesh DryMax Running socks. They are awesome!


If you are feeling extra generous get your loved one compression running socks! I wear my CEP compression socks/calf sleeves during/after long runs or races. I believe they help me with recovery and once I started wearing them for races it made it a little easier to walk down stairs the next day.



This stick is A freaking Mazing..I love to hate it during marathon season. It helps with recovery and mobility, by providing deep tissue stimulation. Every runner needs one of these, besides- it fits perfectly in your stocking. I found the best price on Amazon. But, recently discovered one at Target for $15! They don’t have a picture online for me to show you but it has two spikey balls on it. I’m sure it is fantastic. AND its purple. – uhhh.. Purple spikey balls….. fantastic.

There you go! Everything any runner/worker outer would ever need.

Question of the day?

What is on your wish list for Santa?


  1. I want a bic band!! And i need to try on those wunder unders-heard great things

  2. Great list! You are right I have that stick, it is amazing!!

  3. We both know I have a long term relationship with that stick. LOVE it. I also love my Pure Cadence. We have great taste, don't we?! Thanks for the ideas Cand, I told Tommy about the necklace after seeing this. Maybe Santa will order me one.

  4. This gifting guide indeed has some glamorous and sporty articles. I ordered for the mom of my kids, a pair of these nice looking cycling shoes Eagerly waiting for her response!!