Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lets Workout and Eat Eggs.


Good news of the day: T & B are back to their crazy, happy selves!! Right on time too, because Wednesdays are my busiest day of the week in terms of work, errands etc. So I was happy to have healthy babes today!

I chose to sleep in this morning and catch a few extra Z’s due to a few wake up calls throughout the night from miss Bee. It was a good choice because I knew when my alarm went off that I would benefit from the extra sleep. I woke up feeling energized and ready to tackle a new to me workout a little later in the morning.



This workout literally put me on the floor today! So, by the end you had completed 100 burpees and 100 thrusters.

I went a little heavier on the thrusters (#55) and did 6 burpees each round instead of 5. Then went to the buzzer on the last round of thrusters for 15 and burpees for 12. Then did an extra round. I did end up dropping to #45 for the last 3 rounds of thrusters to wrap up the workout though. My wrist couldn’t hack it. AND I was beat. But I do it…

Because I’m crazy.

But it was fun!

The hardest workouts tend to be my favorite, and this one is definitely in the top 3.

I refueled with 5 mini turkey muffins after the workout, before running some needed errands before the next class started.

Later this afternoon, I snapped a quick picture of my lunch


So beautiful and edible looking, I know.

A+ photographer and chef right here.

In the mix

  • 4 oz. Sweet Potato
  • 5 egg whites/2 yolks
  • Green Beans
  • Avocado
  • Topped with Walden Farms Honey Mustard dressing!

Tonight, after I coached the 6:30 class at GPP, I still had my pull ups and aussies to do. I was able to complete all the pull-ups but for some reason I delayed my aussies, and was able to talk my friend Melissa into turning it into a mini workout with rounds to complete the 50 aussies I needed to for the OHC (Optimal Health Challenge). I quickly whipped up this workout and got to work.


Breaking up the Aussies made them go by a lot faster for some reason, but this workout ended up being AWESOME! It is QUICK! (About 10 minutes) But I was breathing heavy and was pretty sweaty by the end! It was a great workout to wrap up the day!

I have decided that I LOVE programming workouts. I have been coming up with fun/different movements and it has been so fun to test them out. I think of different workouts all day long, and catch myself talking myself through workouts all the time. I’m weird, I know. I have a notebook FULL of workouts to do. Its like my journal. Ha!

I make them up while driving, cleaning, eating, and right before I fall asleep.. WODS, treadmills, spinning, stair climbing, swimming, marathon training, really…. everything.


I came home and whipped up a quick dinner for myself..

You will never guess!


FACT: I easily eat a dozen eggs a day. You know the 6 dozen egg containers you can buy at costco? I buy two. Every. Week. Along with Egg white containers from the grocery store….


They are my favorite protein source and I could eat them for every meal just because they are so easy and quick!

I need chickens. freals.

I had yellow squash, spinach with 4 egg whites, 1 whole egg and about 1/2 of an avocado in this delicious mess.

Something funny?


I also stumbled upon this youtube video and couldn’t stop laughing.

Lets take this up a notch. Winking smile

(It wouldn’t let me embed it… so really, click on the link!)

Questions of the Day:

Does anyone else pound eggs like me?

What is your favorite type of workout?

Short and sweaty, Long and grueling or slow and steady?