Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lulu Lemon owns me.

I woke up pretty hungry, and with a sore throat? I think I must be sleeping with my mouth open or something because I totally had cotton mouth this morning! So I opted for a shake to cure all.


I also had a brown rice muffin with some coconut oil on top.


Then after getting the kids all bathed and ready we headed to the gym. To take on a workout.




This workout is ROUGH! I even challenged myself a bit and went a little higher on the weights. Its still amazing to me that I can be dripping sweat and not move a foot. This workout is a sore maker for sure! The pace of the counts is what makes this workout. Once we picked up the weight we were instructed to not put it down until the end of the muscle group, in which we only had 30 seconds to shake it out and pick it up and repeat the same muscle group until all 4 rounds were completed before moving on. I had noodle arms by the end, and while I was stretching them they were shaking!

I commonly get asked what the difference is between Crossfit and GPP. and this is just ONE reason.

The workout today was an OTC. (On Trainers Count). Crossfit doesn’t program workouts like these. They are unique to GPP, you won’t see them anywhere else. They are effective and they work! Neil, the owner goes into more detail in this article “What’s the Diff?”


After the gym, My SIL Janey invited me to go to Lulu with her.

Who am I to say no to that offer?

We grabbed a shake from Skills Fitness Proshop and headed out.


FACT: I cannot go into Lulu and NOT buy anything…

Kind of like Target,

or Costco,

or Sports Authority,

or anywhere really…

Do I have a problem?


I not only love the clothes from lulu, I adore the bags! They are packed with mantras and quotes that are motivating and sometime humorous!

My favorite one that I spotted today is…



I love this quote because it totally rings truth. Whenever I get my workout in, especially in the morning, I am more at peace and get SO much more accomplished throughout the day! I also find that my craving are lessened and its easer for me to make healthier choices come meal time.

Oh, and if your wondering what I walked out of there with, it was this, this and this on sale! Woot! Don’t worry I won’t wear any combination of those 3. It’s like stripe suicide.

I’ll model them for you one day. It’s a blizzard outside right now and I’m to cold to changeWinking smile

I’m thinking I should buy some real human clothes one day?

Confession: I don’t know how to put outfits together unless they are workout clothes.. If you need athletic wear help, I’m your go to girl. If you need something to wear on a date, you probably don’t want my advice. You might end up in Spandex.

This is why Lulu lemon owns me. Every 3 ish months they design new styles that are cute, functional and make sure don’t have to chose between the dreaded muffin top or embarrassing camel toe. Winking smile


When I got home I was pretty hungry for actual food! I steamed some sweet potatoes and asparagus in a skillet before adding 4 egg whites.


Beautiful isn’t it?


While the potatoes and asparagus were cooking I pulled out the crock pot and threw together an easy roast to be ready for dinner! I love crockpots and the whole, set it and forget it phrase.


Other news on the cold front….

It is snowing and the “severe weather warning” isn’t supposed to be lifted until Saturday….

Isn’t that just flipping fantastic?


I am happy it pushed out the inversion though and that it was 50 degrees today for at least 5 hours… I almost wore shorts in celebration.

Then it started snowing.

But knowing me, I’d probably wear shorts with Uggs.

Yep, I’ve done that.

Question of the Day:

What store do you HAVE to buy something in every time you visit?

Do you consider yourself fashionable?