Monday, January 21, 2013

My favorite way to cook fish and I won something!


Today was a special Holiday.

Gun Appreciation day!


And of course MLK! My SIL works at a bank and had the day off, but we still went to the gym at 5:30 this morning…

At least it was a fun workout and went by fast!




So fun I did it twice.

This is an awesome workout you can do anywhere! Even a Hotel Hallway! (I did that once, twice..)


Top Health and Fitness Blogger!




I feel honored and privileged to be part of these blog awards. There are so many other great bloggers on the list if you want some more crazy runner, fitness and nutrition nuts to follow. Check it out!

Here fishy, fishy!

I have been on a fish kick for awhile and I get questions how I prepare my fish. I am going to admit, I’m SUPER lazy about it, unless I’m feeling creative but I mostly just throw it on the skillet (medium heat), pour lemon juice on top and season it with Mrs.Dash, then cover it with a lid.

I don’t even flip it..

Special right? But hey its done in less then 15 minutes!

While the fish is on the skillet I microwave frozen green beans or broccoli and today I reheated some roasted acorn squash and peppers from last nights dinner!



Acorn Squash may be a new staple! Cutting into squash is probably my least favorite thing to do though!

Also, Tilapia from Costco is really the best… (I’ve had anyway!) I have bought frozen fillets from other grocery stores and wanted to hurl. Nothing beats Kirkland…. Winking smile

Question of the day:

Any favorite fish recipes out there?

Please post a link or share!