Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Day!

Was freezing!! It was so cold today! In fact the news just said it will be warming up into the 30’s come Friday....

Last night we celebrated the new year in true parent fashion.


We had my SIL and BIL over to play games and ring in the new year!

We played some speed UNO and put together a puzzle!


It took two hours and nobody could leave after midnight until it was finished!

We are the most exciting people ever. Ha! We even made homemade pizzas!


We went with supreme style. It was actually really fun to do and will now be our new tradition for NYE!

This morning I knocked out the first workout of the year at GPP.

My SIL Janey, and neighbor Kristine came with me.



It was a fun workout to kick off 2013!

I hung around because GPP is kicking off a 6 week challenge that starts today! You can read more about possibly achieving optimal health here! This challenge is different from other challenges we have done in the past. We are including much more then the physical aspect. If you are interested in joining in on the challenge, send me a quick email and I can get you set up to go! Of course there is a little skin in the game to join. But worth every dollar.

When I got home, I fueled up with some pumpkin oats!


Oats never get old when it is cold out! They warm the soul..

I was even able to fit in a New Years run! I committed to working for speed this year and I surprised myself by being able to keep my pace under  a 8 min/mile for 4 miles! I stopped and got a drink once. But really surprised myself, I felt really good throughout the whole run!  Now, I just to test the speed on the pavement!


I was completely wasted by the end! I sat down and stretched for a good 5 minutes though. Winking smile

On my way out of the gym I ran into a friend who was working on her kips! I hung out for a minute and helped her and she GOT it! I have never been able to do a dead hanging chin up and I tried one, and I did not just one but TWO in a row!! I was excited! It was a good start to 2013! It’s going to be a great year, I can feel it!