Friday, January 18, 2013

Random things that bug me

Good Morning! Hope you all have had a fabulous week! I’m so glad its Friday!

My live writer wasn’t working this week and my post didn’t save… ugh. blog/technology issues are one thing that bug me, but more on that in a minute.


I’ve still been rocking out early morning workouts this week! Its felt good to get it out of the way early and is a great jump start to my day. Sometimes I get some chores done before the kids wake up and sometimes I crawl back in my bed until they decide to wake up. Either way it feels great.

This morning I did Burpee Surprise followed by a little muscle up practice and extra sit ups


It took me 16:52, which is 2 minutes slower then I did it the last time. I did use #20 for the presses and triceps and 2 extra plates on top of the box, making it about 24 inches compared to 15 that I did last time. I was not excited about this workout when I saw it yesterday but I think I actually really like it, having a movement in between the burpees breaks it up a little bit, so you would do one burpee then one pull up, 25 times etc. Continuous burpees are harder to me.

I came home and refueled with a strawberry protein smoothie!


And one egg on a brown rice muffin, seasoned with Onion and Herb Mrs. Dash


Thursday nights are the only night Brent and I are home together, I don’t work and he doesn’t work and we choose to go to the gym. I like working out with him because he pushes me to work harder. Last night, I was able to hang clean #135x5! He of course did #265.. show off.Winking smile 

We came home and I made dinner with a new to me. I was getting sick of tilapia every night and wanted something different. I found hake at Costco and decided to give it a go.

Not my favorite.

The stats are great. But the texture is different and I probably won’t buy it again. Ill stick with tilapia and salmon.



Something fun I found?

Dasani drops! Pineapple Coconut Drops!


I love the flavor! It gives me a little taste of summer. But my stomach was feeling a little off last night, so I’m not sure Ill be having it often. (I have stomach issues with artificial sweetenersSad smile)  It’s better if I avoid them all together.

Random things that BUG.

I have a few random things that bug me. Like DRIVE me crazy. Some are common, but some my family thinks I’m a little funny for.



#1 Static on the radio/Spanish songs.

If I hear static I switch that station in a split second. If I am a passenger in somebody’s car and static comes on, I immediately turn on high alert and can’t focus until they turn. it. off. Same goes for Spanish music. I’m not racist or anything, so don’t take it the wrong way. I just don’t like when I can’t understand the words and maybe it depends on the type or tone of it. Either way, I can’t deal.

#2 The bathroom fan.

I hate the bathroom fan. The constant hum of fan drives me up the wall. I know they are necessary but I’m weird and would rather hold my breath then listen to the darn fan.

#3 Timer on my oven.

It stresses me out! Its good to have so I don’t burn things on accident… happens often though because I usually end up just watching the clock myself or setting the alarm on my phone. The beeping on my oven is just plain annoying.

#4 Open Cabinets

I hate when my kitchen cabinets are left open..They have to be shut at all times.

Those are just a few of some weird things that just BUG. So I guess in short, I shouldn’t be left in a room with static, a fan, open cabinets and a timer. I’d go insane for sure.


Question of the day:

What is the most random thing that bugs you?