Wednesday, January 9, 2013

This one time I had 2x the amount of Caffeine.


This morning I woke up and headed to GPP with Kristine and Janey again. These morning workouts are getting easier. Maybe its because I had a pre-workout today.

I used to drink pre-workout all the time but stopped awhile ago. Caffeine really bothers my stomach sometimes, so I found it best to cut it out and felt better.

Today when I finally got out of bed, (3 snoozes later) I knew I would need a little extra boost to get through my workout. So I dug through some samples we had and I had and picked out one and tore right into it.

Looked down as I was almost done with it and realized it was TWO servings..


Yeah… that large TWO in the corner…means there are 2 servings. GENIUS.

Lets talk about this for 2.2.

When you put TWO servings into a SAMPLE packet. How are you suppose to measure out exactly one serving? You didn’t give me a sample scoop. So, am I suppose to assume what half of this packet is? You know, your either going to get to much or to little.

That bugs me. I want just ONE serving, so I know how my body responds to exactly one serving. Don’t you?

Rant over.

That would be 400 mg of caffeine before 5:30AM. I didn’t drink the WHOLE thing.. luckily! I do NOT recommend THAT much caffeine EVER.

I feel greeeaaaaaat though… and maybe a little on edge, obviously.

Once I hit 3PM I will crash, I’m sure of it.


The GPP workout was rough.



WATER BREAKER – holds true to its name.

This workout came to be when one of our members was 9 months pregnant and needed that baby to come. Well. guess what… she went into labor two days later. (I’m sure she modified it, if she did it?) Box jumps while 9 months pregnant isn’t smart. (Don’t do it.)

Last Night, I taught Body Pump for the first time on a Tuesday in two weeks.. Holidays are officially over and it as time to get to work.

I wanted to get 5 miles in on the treadmill afterwards.


Made it about 4 of ON and OFF crap work. I kept it under a 8 minute mile but would take a break every mile, grab a drink, check my phone and jump back on… I had ADD last night for sure, and NO focus. (Should have had one serving of pre-workout..) Winking smile

I’m really dreading runs lately, I miss running outside. I use the cold weather as an excuse, because it hasn’t been over 30 degrees here in over 3 weeks! BUT I also we have the worst AIR in the freaking NATION right now, so its not recommended to be outside right now. I’m almost willing to risk it though. Almost.

I haven’t run outside since uh…. October? Lets not talk about it.. I miss the pavement.

I can’t wait for spring weather…. I should probably move to California or something.

How about a few more tangents for the day.

Tangent #1

I ate part of a hot dog yesterday….


I haven’t had a hot dog in YEARS. But I found these AppleGate Hot dogs which are made from grass-fed beef and the stats seem legit. My kids are not huge protein lovers, unless it comes from Chobani. So I want to add something into their diets to see if they would go for them. Kids love hot dogs right?


They didn’t care much for the hot dogs though..Jukes sure did though! Go figure.


I think they would make a good addition to a egg scramble or even spaghetti.

Tangent #2

Speaking of “HOT dogs”

Jukes bit Baylee last night. Sad smile


She was loving on him and he went all bat crazy on her!

I feel SOOOOO bad!

She is okay, she cried for two minutes, I think it scared her more then anything and she keeps scolding him..”Jukes, no bite my nose!”


Their best friends, obviously.

Tangent #3

Brent made some deer jerky last night!


I think this is the best jerky to date! We love having jerky in our house to snack on. When he made this last night he only used 1/4 of the cure so it is super low sodium compared to other jerky! Deer is super lean and is a great source of protein!

Question of the day:

Do you take a pre-workout?

When is the last time you had a hot dog?

Anyone else a seasonal runner?