Monday, March 11, 2013

So I ran again…& skinny elastics suck.

Hey guys! Happy Monday!!

I might be the first to admit, I love daylight savings! I didn’t this morning, but I did come 7pm and it was still light out!

Today was great in many aspects.

#1 It was 50 degrees, and yes- that is pretty much summer compared to the 17 degree weather we have been through the last few months! I even saw a lady laying out on her driveway. She may be a little whack though….

#2 I coached this morning at GPP and completed one of our “benchmark” workouts.



This workout is BRUTAL. I actually get the butterflies when 3-2-1 is counted down.

About a 2 years ago I PR’d this workout, and ever since then I have tried to beat my time of 11:59. I have gotten close once before with the same exact time! But not any faster.

When I saw the workout go up last night I actually thought about scaling it and not doing it full out to give my shin a break. I rolled and iced it last night and actually felt pretty good when it came to GO time.

I’ll run.

But I won’t push toooooo hard.

I did.


I ended up with a 6:33 mile ---> Which I am super proud of because I haven’t really ran fast outside in quite awhile and it was a little chilly this morning (which hurts my lungs). So I’ll take it.

I lost my hair elastic 3 times, I forgot my thick elastics and all we had at the gym was these skinny ones that don’t hold my hair back for anything, also there was a little wait time on the pull up bar and then I ripped my palm. BOO. Not to bad but still decided to jump the last few pull ups. My finish time was 14:32. I ‘ve also gained a few since my PR… but I pushed my hardest and came out pretty well! My shin felt good post WOD. Maybe a little TLC was a cure all?

Post workout I fueled up on some pro-oats:


Yea…. looks like vomit.. but it was delicious! I’ve decided anything in tupperware is hard to make look pretty.

Example 2



Ground turkey, green beans, spinach, cucumber, avocado with honey mustard dressing.

Ugly Yes. Delicious and nutritious… you freaking bet!

I also had Body Attack tonight and about half way through I felt my shin pain hit me like a ton of bricks. Cure all…FAIL. I don’t know if its just because I was on my toes a lot but it was there and it never left. Sad smileBack to the ice.

My friends husband posted some free JAZZ tickets tonight and I jumped on them! I’m a huge basketball fan and figured it would be a fun date night to celebrate! Brent passed his first CPA exam with a whopping 90. YAY!!! So happy!

We had a blast at the game! Jazz played the Detroit Pistons and of course the JAZZ WON! And I got to watch my friend dance which always makes it fun!




I ate a Quest Bar during the game, it was my first go with them and found it to be a bit chewy but not to bad for a protein bar. The nutritional stats are pretty awesome and I have love for anything coconut lately.


All in all it was a fabulous day!

Have you tried Quest Bars? What is your favorite flavor?

Favorite Sport? Ready, go!