Thursday, March 21, 2013

Transition Into Running After Baby.

OR babies… just in case you had two..


When I first found out I was pregnant with the twins at 10 weeks, I stopped running for the first few weeks. I was considered “high risk” and had to take my exercise level down a notch…. or 10.

I was also nauseous and tired at the time, I worked a full-time job in a pediatric dental office so I came home pretty exhausted most days. At about 13 weeks I started running again. Slow and steady. I was still teaching pump and attack throughout my pregnancy. Once I hit 25 weeks I stopped teaching attack and I stopped running all together and just continued with pump and started swimming!

052 (2)

Swimming became my favorite thing in the world! It took all the pressure of my back and joints and the babies loved it! I could feel them kicking and moving as soon as we got in the water.


I look like poop in that pic. but hey, I was 37 weeks pregnant with the twins.

Fast forward to delivery.


{Day I went into labor}

I had a c-section and was instructed to not workout for 6-12 weeks.

We all know how well I am at following directions.

Four weeks later, Brent and I went for a walk with the twins. I decided that I felt pretty good and I was going to just try running. It felt SOOOOO good to actually run someplace other then a restroom post partum. I took it slow but I just remember feeling things jiggle that never did before and out of breathe just like I have never ran before in my life. I had to stop and walk over 4 times in that mile stretch. I got a side ache a half mile in and I just thought to myself I would never run again. It was SO hard and didn’t feel natural anymore.


We went home and I kind of sulked and figured that this is going to to take some work. I WILL get my running mojo back! Each day I swaddled up the kids in the stroller and took them for a walk/run. photo 1 (8)

Each week I could tell a major improvement! I got back to teaching pump, and attack and kept up with swimming.

Each week I got better, and faster. The twins were born in July and their isn’t great race opportunities after September, so I took the time to build up my endurance before doing a race.

I ran my first race 8 months post partum.


Finished just under 2 hours! I was so happy to have friends to push me to the end and meet my goal. I felt great and haven’t looked back since.

Getting back into running was NO easy task!! It took time, dedication, perseverance and PATIENCE! Running is important to me but I don’t let it define who I am. It is something I love and I’m so grateful that I didn’t give up on myself after that first brutal mile.

Tips to getting back to running post partum

*Take it SLOW. Walk and Run when you first start and take distance one mile at a time.

*Everyone is different and it will take time. It can take up to a year to get your pace back and feel comfortable. We are not all like this chick who pulled off a 1:30 half 6 weeks post-partum!

*Listen to your body and learn to understand the difference between just being uncomfortable and pain.

*Don’t give up! Make time for yourself too! Having a new babe can cause a lot of stress and mommies need to get some time to themselves every so often.

*Be patient!!! You won’t be as strong as you were before! BUT you will be stronger in the long run!

Any other tips out there for momma to be’s?

Even if you haven’t had kids, what got you running in the first place?