Monday, June 24, 2013

Celebrating 27 years


My Birthday was amazing thanks to my amazing friends and family.

After I taught pump I met up with a few of friends for my favorite trail run!

Tara, Nikki, Kym and Katie! Once we got to elephant rock we decided to take another trail and go a little farther to Rudys Flat. The Mueller Park trail actually connects to the North Canyon trail. I have never been to Rudys Flat before and thought WHY NOT?!


The views were AMAZING!!


It was about 7 miles to rudy’s from the bottom of Mueller Park. We were prepared as always without food or water. HA! Luckily the trail is pretty shaded and wasn’t miserable. If I were to do it again I would for sure bring water and a snack.


Total mileage was about 10 miles with about 2800 ft of elevation gain!

I’m lucky to have such great friends to support and push me through crazy stuff like this.


When we got to the top, a plank tower was mandatory.


Yes, I had birthday balloons tied to my back. Winking smile 

After the trail run I got home and showered and packed and we were off to Bear Lake! My father in law recently bought a cabin there and invited us down for the weekend! We got there around 6:30 and the water was pretty choppy and it was about 65 degrees so we passed on boating ate some BBQ and headed out to the beach for a little bit.


The water was pretty chilly. But when you got to go, you got to go….

Tanner and Baylee had fun making “train tracks” in the sand.


It was a great night on the beach and great end to my birthday!

The next morning I started it off right!



I have the Bear Lake Half Marathon coming up here in a few weeks! Figured I better get some miles on the pavement!


I did about 6.5 in 55 minutes! my legs were pretty tired from the run the day before, so I took it nice and easy and just ran.

I came home and made a quick protein shake with Vega Sport that I got at blend!


We packed up and hit the road!

I read and shared some starburst. Candy is required during road trips. I’m sure of it. Winking smile


I also had a Quest bar.


We made it home just in time to get cleaned up and out the door to meet my family! Brent even made me a cake!


He is amazing!


We were outside and had a little issue lighting the candles..


Oh well.. Just pretend..


Then it was time to cut into the CAKE!


YUM! WATERMELON CAKE! Brent made a watermelon into cake and the frosting was actually Chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt!


We had a great time sitting around the fire roasting mallows, starburst and eating s’mores!

My sister Jessica has perfected the roast.


I had a wonderful birthday!


Four Generations! Bee was being a little grump. Good thing she is cute anyway.Winking smile

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