Thursday, June 13, 2013

I have an OLD Treadmill & Girls Night


This morning I did a nice run on the oldest treadmill in the world.

We got this treadmill months ago from my MIL. She said she had a treadmill she was trying to get rid of and asked if we wanted it.. I jumped at the chance cause I have been wanting a treadmill forever!!

Little did I know it was the first treadmill ever. Really.


It works great! Speed only goes as high as 8 and there is NO incline.



So when Brent is gone in the mornings and I want to get a quick run in, I can while the kiddos are still sleeping. This was my first run on the treadmill. Lets just say, I will try to wake up a little earlier to get it outside as often as possible…

When Brent got home from GPP, I headed over to do the same workout he did.

Thursday is AB day at GPP so the workout today was a T-AB-ata!



The Top to top back extensions AKA superman's were the worst…

After the workout I coached the Kids class (LOVE these kids!!) and did a Costco run- of course spent more then I intended. (LIKE ALWAYS!)

Side note: My Costco now holds CHIA SEEDS!! YAY!!

I came home and made lunch for the kids and made a very large salad.


I’m convinced Traders Joes Champagne Vinaigrette is the best dressing in the world.

I worked tonight then met up with my sisters and step mom and my sisters MIL who is in town for the week. We all got pedicures and it was a fun little girls night out!



Betsy (sister’s MIL), Jessica, Heather and Bee.


Aly and I.


This was Bee’s very first manicure and pedicure!


She LOVED it!! Her face just lit up! We of course had to get pink.

The girl accidently clipped her skin when doing her fingers and bee tried to hold it in and pretend it was okay but then she started crying. Sad smileBee let the girl finish, but I’m not sure we will be going back there…



All done!!

It was such a fun night!

It’s almost the weekend!!

What is your favorite salad dressing?

How often do you get pedicures?

What was your workout today?

PS: Did you hear Oxygen Magazine is DONE?!! NO more… I’m kinda bummed about that… it was one of my FAV’s.