Saturday, September 7, 2013

Barking Crab & Boston Children Museum

Wow! I feel like we have crammed so much into this vacation so far and I'm loving every moment.
We went to the minute man national park and took a walk across the north bridge where "the shot heard around the world" took place. 

After we headed to the Boston harbor for an early dinner. We went to the Barking Crab.

It was amazing! The decor was very cool. I loved the lights inside the crab catchers and all the randome table and chairs.

Is there anything better then fresh seafood? 

Or sweet potato fries?

The view was amazing! This was my first time to the east coast! 

A handstand was in order.

After dinner we walked over to the children's museum! The kids loved it. It was close to my worst nightmare. Ha! It was actually really cool, just a little chaotic and pure kid madness. 

T & B of course had a blast.
There was this whole room full of golf balls and tracks. Tanner could of played in here for hours..

My favorite was Arthur's kitchen. Naturally..;)

I finally got to meet Ruth and her cute fam! 

Yes, I am a giant. Ruth was so sweet and  her kids were so cute! Tanner had fun playing with her son Dustin. They were about the same age! Ruth blogs at --> I'm blogging via iPhone so can't hyperlink.. 

This post is about forever long already so ill be back later with a beach re cap! 

Hope your all having a great weekend!