Wednesday, October 23, 2013

All about Coconut Oil.


Have you heard all the rage about coconut oil lately?

Do you ever wonder if you could benefit from it?

Well, I’m going to tell you all about it!

I use it every single day.

In fact.. I buy a jar of it that is larger then my face…


I buy extra virgin. This one cost about $22 from Costco. It last forever too!

I put coconut oil in my tea, use in place on toast, cook chicken,veggies, and eggs with it and even as a lip gloss sometimes!

Coconut oil is considered a fat. It is made up of about 64% medium chain triglycerides- AKA MCT’s. In comparison to other fats, which are long chain triglycerides (LCT). MCT’s are absorbed into the intestines instead of the the typical lymphatic system. Therefore they are more easily and quickly digested.

There is some research that has shown that they are not stored as fat deposits but are used quickly for energy in the liver. They pass into the mitochondria of cells without carnitine, which means they may be quickly used by the body for energy!

Finally, when less then 30% of your daily calories come from MCT’s, they have a thermogenic effect of up to 10-15% higher than the calories contained in them! Now, who doesn’t want that.

So pretty much your body will be burning more than you’re consuming. Neat.

In review coconut oil can actually increase your metablolism, help your skin, keep you regular, and so much more..

Coconut oil can be used for more then just fuel, Here are a 101 ways to use it!

I also am in love with this!


With all of that said and done. Coconut oil also has saturated fat, so before you eat it by the spoonful watch that.

Do you use Coconut oil?